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Mike Rogers, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Inducted Into Wash100 for Natl Security Leadership

Mike Rogers

Mike-RogersExecutive Mosaic is glad to announce Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, as the latest inductee into the Wash100, the premier group of leaders who execute strategic vision and create value for the American public at the intersection of the public and private sectors.

Rogers, formerly a U.S. Army officer for four years and then an FBI special agent for five years, was elected to represent Michigan’s 8th congressional district in 2001 and has chaired the House Intelligence Committee for three years.

In his time as Intelligence Committee chairman, Rogers has been at the forefront of several issues related to national security in realms such as cybersecurity and intelligence, as he continues his career-long pursuit of advancing the U.S.

Speaking to the Potomac Officers Club in June, Rogers emphasized the importance of recognizing “that every day U.S. businesses are targeted by United_States_House_Permanent_Select_Committee_on_Intelligencegovernments like China for exploitation and theft. This results in huge losses of valuable trade secrets and sensitive customer information. This rampant industrial espionage costs American jobs.”

In addressing such concerns, Rogers has worked with individuals across the political and ideological landscape to drive gains for the American public.

He noted when being honored by the TechAmerica Foundation that same month as a Technology Legislator of the Year that real gains in 2013 were driven by “a coalition that I think did something fairly amazing.”

cyber-security-image“We brought Republicans and Democrats together. We brought Palo Alto and New York City together. We brought Congress and industry together. And for the high-tech industry that is no easy accomplishment.”

Rogers would go on to credit those efforts to “get a veto-proof majority, bipartisan strong vote in the House that sent a very clear message that I think the Legislature and America is ready to deal with economic espionage, cyber attack and having the government be a partner with the private sector to ensure that you can protect your networks.”

Already back in 2011, the six-term House lawmaker led the introduction of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act in an effort to create a framework for the government and private businesses to share cyber information with each other.

Rogers pushed for that bill in an effort to help ward off those looking to steal information pertaining to personal identities, financial services and intellectual property.

“The senior leadership in the intelligence community said that they think we can stop 90 percent of our problems just by sharing classified cyber threat information,” Rogers told CBS News in February 2013.Mike Rogers

“I am pleased that this committee continues to build upon the good, bipartisan work we began in 2011,” he said at the time.

Through a November 2013 bipartisan voice vote, the panel voted to authorize fiscal year 2014 guidelines and funding levels for intelligence programs, including initiatives to upgrade and centralize information technology systems.

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