Steve Gaffney, DynCorp International Chairman, President & CEO, Joins Washington100 as Transformative GovCon Executive

Steve Gaffney

Steven-Gaffney-Dyncorp-ExecutiveMosaicExecutive Mosaic is honored to announce Steve Gaffneychairman, president and chief executive at DynCorp International, as the newest inductee into the Washington 100, the premier group of leaders who drive innovation and growth at the intersection of the public and private sectors.

Gaffney assumed his current roles in the summer of 2010 and told GovCon Exec he has since overseen structural changes and the evolution of the mindset of the company in his efforts to support and drive growth.

When Gaffney joined the firm from the CEO position at IAP Worldwide Services, he found DynCorp’s operations and capabilities to be strong, and worked to bolster to the company’s procedures and functional systems by breaking down what it took to run the business and streamlining systems as part of an overall effort to realize efficiencies.

“As a result we were able to unlock energy that had previously been focused on the heads-down day-to-day business of doing business, and redirect it to a more strategic entrepreneurial view of what is possible for the future,” Gaffney said.

With that structure in place, Gaffney said the company’s mindset – the “most lasting and greatest” driver of growth – can continue to take hold and move the company forward.

“This invigorated drive to innovate in the services we bring our customers, and identify new customers who would benefit from our solutions, will be the real key to our future growth,” Gaffney added.

DyncorpOn the structural side of things, Gaffney singled out DynCorp’s push to increase its commercial and international reach with DynGlobal, the new commercial-focused business unit it rolled out earlier this year.

“With DynGlobal we have an incredible opportunity to bring the things that we already do better than anyone – from air and base operations, to training and maintenance – to new customers around the world,” Gaffney said.

“Seeing what happens when we introduce a new entrepreneurial spirit to the company is incredibly exciting.”

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On a personal level, Gaffney said he has taken a lot away from his efforts to “focus on DynCorp’s culture and promote leadership excellence.”

“We’ve taken a number of steps to improve and enrich our culture, from developing a social contract to creating what we call the DI Star,’ which connects our values and accepted leadership attributes to our company goals,” Gaffney noted.

Gaffney said he’s been identifying ”Why do people come to DynCorp International and what makes them stay? What are the shared values that connect us all? What makes employees and customers loyal?”

“It’s been rewarding to see those changes take root and I am excited to see that positive momentum continue.”

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