George Newstrom

Vice President & General Manager - Dell Services Federal Government

George Newstrom, VP & GM, Dell Services Federal Government, Elected to Washington100

George Newstrom

George Newstrom, Dell, ExecutiveMosaicExecutive Mosaic is honored to announce George Newstrom, vice president and general manager of Dell Services Federal Government (DSFG), as the newest inductee into the Washington 100, the premier group of leaders who drive innovation and growth at the intersection of the public and private sectors.

Newstrom joined DSFG in October 2011, in part due to the company’s desire to expand its reach into the cybersecurity and intelligence spaces. “I was intrigued with that, so I came on board, and now I’m responsible for the whole thing”.

After retiring from the U.S. Marine Corps as an electronics and communications officer, Newstrom spent 28 years with EDS in various leadership positions in the company’s healthcare and government operations prior to serving for three years between 2001 and 2004 as secretary of technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Newstrom went  on to serve as president and CEO of medical voice recognition technology start-up WiSPER and president and COO of data center specialist Lee Technologies, which he left for Dell when Lee was sold to another company.

As he looks to the future with Dell, Newstrom emphasizes the “evolution” to Dell Cloud for U.S. Government –multi-tenant and dedicated cloud solutions built on the same core technology – as its federal customers look to NIST dedicated and FedRAMP clouds to quickly respond to “cloud-first” directives and fast-changing workloads.


“We now provide customers with a simplified on-ramp to cloud services that reduces the time needed to get their Authority to Operate (ATO),” Newstrom said. “The cloud solution has pre-defined NIST security controls built for the FedRAMP process and natively manages multiple ATOs and certificates within the core cloud infrastructure.”

“If our customers need to obtain a federal ATO cloud to host applications and databases with specific performance, privacy or compliance requirements, or move everyday office applications, data and workloads to a FedRAMP cloud, this solution is ideal.”

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Dell-ExecutiveMosaicNewstrom calls managing individuals and teams “the ultimate offer that corporations make to employees,” and stresses the ability to adapt to a changing world as critical in developing foresight and resilience. “Timing can change your life, but you also have to change your life to fit the times,” he said.

“Leadership is about having some vision about what the outcome might be, looking at the risks and mitigating what you can. It’s about making decisions and moving forward. It’s better to act and make a mistake than to remain stagnant, analyzing a situation to death.

“If you let yourself be afraid of the unknown, you’d be afraid of everything in the future. Instead, be confident in your ability to adapt to that unknown, whatever it may be,” Newstrom added.

And when advising entrepreneurs, Newstrom says it’s important to balance the next-generation capabilities with those that are time-tested.  “Learn technology and learn it in a big way, because it’s the way of the future. At the same time, however, don’t follow along with the current trend of losing the ability to communicate face to face.”

“Learn another language. Demand and expect more out of yourself than you think you can do. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Set high goals for yourself, and through the journey to reaching them, don’t forget to enjoy life.”

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