Rick Ambrose, Lockheed Space Systems EVP, Selected to 2018 Wash100 for Initiatives and Leadership Around Organizational Structure

Executive Mosaic is pleased to introduce Rick Ambrose, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin’s space systems segment, as an inductee into the 2018 edition of the Wash100 — Executive Mosaic’s annual selection of influential leaders in the government contracting arena–for his executive project management of innovations in improving intelligence technology initiatives.

Ambrose has been with Lockheed since 2000 and leads a more than $9 billion business segment with approximately 18,000 employees that provides missile defense, satellite platforms and other technology offerings for government and commercial clients.

In a LinkedIn article published in August, Ambrose cited virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 3D-printing as the top three trends he believes will advance and redefine satellite production and noted that AI systems will eventually serve as virtual assistants to astronauts involved in deep space exploration missions.

“A.I. systems will analyze problems and walk astronauts through how to fix them in real-time, and also assist with scientific research and analysis,” he said.

Earlier this year, Lockheed announced plans to move the Fleet Ballistic Missile program from its space systems business’ facility in California to its other offices in Colorado and Florida over the next eight years.

He said then that the move to reshape the FBM program seeks to help the company centralize skills and take advantage of its manufacturing and engineering facilities in an effort to help the U.S. Navy achieve cost savings on the initiative.

Lockheed also unveiled in June a space-focused curriculum and a new application as part of the Generation Beyond program, which Ambrose said seeks to stimulate students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math by linking them to the “real-world exhilaration of space exploration.”

2017 also saw the start of construction work on a $350 million satellite manufacturing facility at the company’s Colorado campus and the launch of a new line of satellite buses.

“We now have one family for every mission fully integrated with our end-to-end capabilities in ground stations, payloads and software applications,” he said of the satellite bus product line.

Ambrose is chairman of the board of directors of United Launch Alliance and a recipient of the National Defense Industrial Association’s 2017 Peter B. Teets Award in recognition of his contribution to the space systems sector.

Executive Mosaic congratulates Rick Ambrose and the Lockheed Martin team for their selection to receive the award.

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About The Wash100
This year represents our fifth annual Wash100 award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic’s organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, reliability, achievement, and vision.

About The Wash100

This year represents our fifth annual Wash100 award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic's organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, achievement, and vision.

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Robert Sanders Named VP of Ensco’s US, Canadian Avionics Subsidiaries 05/16/2018
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Sikorsky Unveils Industrialization Plan to Back Bid for Germany’s Heavy Lift Helicopter Program 04/18/2018
Lockheed Submits Bid to Produce Follow-On Air Force GPS III Satellites 04/18/2018
NASA Plans Supersonic Research Flight Series in Texas 04/18/2018
Lockheed, PADT, Stratasys Collaborate on 3D Printing for NASA Spacecraft Parts 04/18/2018
NASA to Test StemRad’s Radiation Protection Vest During Unmanned Orion Flight 04/18/2018
Lockheed Helps Australia Implement Space Data Collection, Analysis System 04/18/2018
Lockheed-Led Team Christens Navy’s Future USS Indianapolis LCS 04/17/2018
Lockheed’s LCS Team Christens Navy’s Future USS Indianapolis 04/16/2018
U.S. Navy to hold christening ceremony for Lockheed Martin-built future USS Indianapolis 04/13/2018
Derco adds repair services to expanded exclusive partnership with Arkwin Industries 04/13/2018
Raytheon integrates air-to-ground missile tech into Navy F-35C 04/11/2018
Three industry partners to help Lockheed on Navy’s MQ-25 tanker drone offering 04/11/2018
Col. Eric Ropella: Navy plans to buy 17 presidential helicopters under new proposal 04/10/2018
Sikorsky to demo CH-53K helicopter platform to potential international buyers 04/10/2018
NASA’s Solar Probe to Undergo Final Assembly, Tests at Astrotech Facility in Florida 04/09/2018
Lockheed Martin Delivers Next F-35A for Australian Pilot’s Training 04/09/2018
F-35B Arrives at Centcom HQ Prior to First Combat Deployment 04/09/2018
Lockheed Martin Delivers California Air National Guard’s First Rescue Tanker Aircraft 04/09/2018
Orbital ATK Tests Rocket Motor for Orion Spacecraft’s Launch Abort System 04/06/2018
Lockheed to Implement SAS Analytics Tech in Aircraft Programs 04/06/2018
MBDA Tests Compact Missile Using Lockheed Standalone Launcher 04/06/2018
State Dept Clears Potential $2.91B F-16 Aircraft Sale to Slovakia 04/05/2018
Sikorsky Initiates Promo Tour for Black Hawk Firefighting Capability in Latin America 04/05/2018
Sikorsky’s Colombia-Based Black Hawk Support Facilities to Serve Other Latin American Clients 04/04/2018
Lockheed Gets $247M NASA Supersonic X-Plane Development Contract 04/04/2018
Lockheed Secures $211M Navy Contract for F-35 Common System Pre-Modernization Efforts 04/03/2018
Report: NASA Could Buy Additional Power & Propulsion Module for Lunar Outpost 04/02/2018
Poland Inks Deal to Buy Raytheon Patriot Missile System From US Govt 03/29/2018
Navy Tests Updated Lockheed Trident II Missile; Eric Scherff Comments 03/29/2018
Lockheed, Poland Seal PAC-3 MSE Missile Deal 03/29/2018
Sikorsky CH-53K Helicopter to Debut at Berlin Airshow 03/28/2018
Lockheed, Cypress Creek Renewables to Provide Burnswick Electric Cooperative’s Solar Power Systems 03/27/2018
Sens. John Cornyn, James Inhofe Ask Trump to Back Fighter Jet Sale to Taiwan 03/27/2018
Report: Poland Inks Offset Deals With Lockheed, Raytheon for Patriot Missile System 03/26/2018
Lockheed, Saudi Arabia’s Cybersecurity Federation Enter Training Partnership 03/26/2018
Mythic Raises $40M in Lockheed-Backed Funding Round for AI Chip Tech 03/22/2018
Brig. Gen. Stephen Maranian: Army Eyes Long-Range Precision Fires Tech Demo in 2 Years 03/21/2018
Report: Air Force to Test Aircraft-Mounted Laser Weapon in Summer 03/21/2018
Pratt & Whitney, JSF Program Partners Update F-35 Fleet Mgmt System 03/21/2018
Raytheon-Rheinmetall Team to Offer Integrated Air Defense System to Germany 03/20/2018
Vivek Lall: Lockheed Eyes ‘Exclusive’ F-16 Production Unit in India 03/20/2018
Report: Raytheon, Rheinmetall Seek to Offer Germany Integrated Air Defense System 03/19/2018
David Helsel: Lockheed’s LRASM Completes Sixth Flight Mission 03/19/2018
Sikorsky, Romaero Enter Black Hawk Assembly, Maintenance Partnership 03/16/2018
Air Force Awards Lockheed Potential $200M AFSOC Training Support Contract 03/16/2018
Lockheed Offers Mini Hit-to-Kill Missile for Army’s Indirect Fires Protection Capability 03/14/2018
NOAA Weather Satellite Arrives in Geostationary Orbit 03/13/2018
Lockheed Runs Site Acceptance Test of Multi-Role Radar for Latvia 03/13/2018
Report: Lockheed to Name Sonar Supplier for Australian Submarine Program in Late 2018 03/12/2018
Lockheed, MBDA Form JV as Team Negotiates German Missile Defense System Contract 03/09/2018
Northrop Vet Tom Vice Named Aerion President, COO 03/08/2018
Sikorsky Concludes CH-53K Envelope Expansion Tests 03/08/2018
Lockheed, New Zealand Sign Contract for Anzac-Class Frigate Tech Installation, Test 03/08/2018
Lockheed-MBDA JV to Pursue Germany’s Integrated Air & Missile Defense System Program 03/08/2018
Lockheed Starts to Build 8th Comms Satellite for SKY Perfect JSAT 03/08/2018
Lockheed to Pursue Air Force Unified Cyber Platform Devt Contract; Deon Viergutz Comments 03/07/2018
NOAA-Raytheon UAV Hurricane Tracking Initiative Gets Laureate Award; Thomas Bussing Comments 03/05/2018
Lockheed to Supply Vertical Missile Launch System for BAE-Built Type 26 Ships 03/05/2018
Lockheed Transports Robotic Mars Lander to California Launch Site 03/05/2018
BAE Taps Lockheed to Provide Launching System for U.K. Navy Ship 03/02/2018
Lockheed Appoints Jeff Babione as Skunk Works Head, Greg Ulmer as F-35 Program Lead 03/02/2018
Lockheed, Saudi Arabia-Based Company Form Bomb Tailkit Production Alliance 03/01/2018
Sikorsky, HABCO Industries Sign Helicopter Ground Support Equipment Distribution Pact 02/28/2018
Japan Receives First JASDF F-35A Aircraft 02/28/2018
Japan Receives First JASDF F-35A Aircraft 02/27/2018
Boeing, Lockheed Among ‘Eligible’ Bidders for Canadian Fighter Jet Replacement Program 02/26/2018
Japan Receives First JASDF F-35A Aircraft 02/26/2018
Report: New Lockheed Missile Aims to Target UAVs, Mortars 02/26/2018
Lockheed Martin, Fincantieri Lay Keel on USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul 02/23/2018
Orbital ATK Marks 5,000 Produced Composite Parts for Lockheed’s F-35 02/23/2018
Lockheed Unveils Software for Simultaneous Multi-UAV Operations 02/23/2018
Orbital ATK Celebrates 5,000th F-35 Aircraft Composite Parts 02/22/2018
Report: Japan Mulls Additional F-35A Fighter Jet Procurement 02/21/2018
Lockheed Tests Arabsat Comms Satellite 02/21/2018
NASA Sets GOES-S Weather Satellite Launch for March 1 02/21/2018
Report: South Korea Eyes PAC-3 Missile Purchase in Response to North Korean Threat 02/21/2018
Norway Completes Verification of F-35 Drag Chute System; Lockheed’s Art Sheridan Comments 02/21/2018
Lockheed Intros Multi-UAV Control Platform; John Molberg Comments 02/21/2018
General Atomics Unit to Supply Batteries for SOCOM’s Lockheed-Built Dry Combat Submersibles 02/20/2018
Lockheed Martin Eyes 1,800 New Jobs Amid Expansion in Orlando, Florida 02/16/2018
General Atomics Produces Initial Li-ion Battery Shipset for USSOCOM Combat Submersible 02/16/2018
NASA Recognizes San Diego Composites for Orion Program Support Work 02/16/2018
Rockwell Collins-Built Radio Tech Passes Navy MUOS Satcom Security Test 02/15/2018
Lockheed Breaks Ground on $50M R&D Facility 02/15/2018
CommAgility to Supply LTE Systems for Lockheed Satcom Project 02/14/2018
Lockheed Martin Marks 400th Delivery of C-130J Transport Aircraft 02/14/2018
Garmin to Supply Aviator Watches for Air Force U-2 pilots 02/14/2018
Report: Orbital ATK Showcases Airborne Gun System at Singapore Airshow 2018 02/13/2018
Lockheed Rolls Out 400th C-130J Aircraft 02/13/2018
Lockheed's Airborne Surveillance Tech Reaches Final Operational Capability With Finland’s Military 02/13/2018
Finland’s Lockheed-Built Airborne Surveillance Tech Gets Final Operational Capability Status 02/12/2018
Lockheed to Help Build, Integrate ExxonMobil's Automation Control System 02/09/2018
Lockheed Taps BAE to Update UAE F-16 Head-Up Displays 02/09/2018
Lockheed Releases Satellite Specs to Advance Collaboration Via ‘Open Space’ Project; Rick Ambrose Comments 02/09/2018
Lockheed Teams With Rheinmetall in Bid for Germany’s Helicopter Replacement Effort 02/07/2018
Rick Ambrose, Lockheed Space Systems EVP, Selected to 2018 Wash100 for Initiatives and Leadership Around Organizational Structure 02/06/2018
Harris Plans to Supply EW Systems to Asia’s Air Forces; Andy Dunn Comments 02/06/2018
Karen Shields Named Serco Inc. Health Services Business Unit VP; Dave Dacquino Comments 02/05/2018
Sikorsky’s Black Hawk Weapons System Completes Military Standard Qualification Tests 02/05/2018
Rockwell Collins, Taiwan-Based Aerospace Firm Enter Radio Production License Agreement 02/05/2018
Lockheed Martin’s F-35 to Get AFRL-Built Automatic Anti-Collision System 02/05/2018
Lockheed Starts Orion Crew Capsule Construction for Exploration Mission-2 02/02/2018
Lockheed to Integrate Anti-Collision Software Into F-35 02/02/2018
Lockheed to Update Nordic Postal Operator’s Sorting Platform 02/01/2018
Lockheed to Build Airborne Launch Control System Prototype Under $81M USAF Contract; Vinny Sica Comments 02/01/2018
Lockheed Puts Miniature Hit-to-Kill Missile Through Flight Test 01/31/2018
Lockheed, NASA Check InSight Lander’s Solar Arrays Ahead of Mars Mission 01/29/2018
Research and Markets: Military Aircraft Modernization Efforts to Help Drive Targeting Pod Market Growth 01/26/2018
Lockheed Helps NASA Test Solar Arrays for InSight Mars Lander 01/26/2018
Lockheed-Leonardo Team Delivers F-35B to Italian Defense Ministry 01/26/2018
Bill Phelps, Adam Sohn Take Lockheed Comms VP Roles 01/25/2018
Lockheed’s Rick Ambrose Nominated for 2017 Satellite Executive of the Year Award 01/23/2018
Vince Stammetti Named Alion Systems Solutions SVP 01/23/2018
Report: Bahrain to Acquire Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighter Aircraft 01/22/2018
4th Lockheed-Built SBIRS GEO Satellite Responds to Post-Launch Air Force Commands 01/22/2018
Rocket Lab Conducts 2nd Orbital Launch Vehicle Flight Test 01/22/2018
NASA, Navy to Conduct Orion Spacecraft Recovery Test 01/18/2018
Report: Navy to Modify Littoral Combat Ship Mission Equipment Acquisition in FY 2019 Budget 01/17/2018
Lockheed’s Energy Division Seeks Partners to Help Develop Flow Battery Offering 01/17/2018
Jas Powell Joins Belcan’s Govt Segment as Enterprise IT CTO 01/17/2018
Lockheed Martin Picks Gibbs & Cox for Surface Combatant Functional Design Support 01/16/2018
Air Force to Launch Lockheed-Developed Multi-Mission Satellite Onboard ULA-Built Rocket 01/16/2018
Lockheed Configures Solid State Radar With Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System 01/12/2018
Lockheed Encapsulates 4th Air Force Missile Warning Satellite 01/12/2018
Rolls-Royce Wins Lockheed Freedom LCS Team’s Supplier of the Year Award 01/11/2018
Gibbs & Cox to Help Lockheed Design Saudi Arabia’s Future Surface Combatant Ship 01/11/2018
Andreas Bernhard: Sikorsky Uses New Digital Tools in CH-53K Devt Process 01/10/2018
Garrett Pagon to Succeed Omar Balkissoon as OGSystems CEO in Series of Exec Moves 01/10/2018
Report: Turkey Solicits Bids for F-35 Info System Integration Project 01/10/2018
Lockheed Martin Delivers France’s 1st C-130J Super Hercules Transport Aircraft 01/04/2018
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Brian Fisher, SVP & General Counsel of Alion Science & Technology 01/04/2018
Lockheed Delivers First C-130J Airlifter to French Military 01/03/2018
Lockheed Martin Subsidiary Helicopter Featured in New Television Series 01/03/2018
ULA Prepares Rocket for Jan. 18 Launch of Lockheed-Built SBIRS GEO Flight 4 Satellite 01/02/2018
Research and Markets Forecasts 5.7% CAGR for Air Defense System Market 01/02/2018
#3 – Lockheed Martin Breaks Silence on Hypersonic SR-72, Blackbird’s Successor Aircraft 12/29/2017
Hady Mourad: Lockheed Eyes ‘Gray Wolf’ Cruise Missile Against Hostile Air Defense Systems 12/28/2017
Report: Japan, South Korea Consider Naval Ship Updates to Accommodate F-35s 12/28/2017
Lockheed Gets $944M Contract to Supply Updated Patriot Interceptors to Army, Int’l Clients 12/22/2017
Lockheed Gets $961M Air Force IDIQ for Targeting Pod Upgrade, Sustainment Services 12/21/2017
Lockheed Subsidiary Derco Secures Extended Distribution Deal on Triumph Aircraft Propeller Parts 12/21/2017
Lockheed Delivers UK’s 14th F-35B Aircraft; Peter Ruddock Comments 12/19/2017
Lockheed Integrates Harris-Built Navigation Payload With 4th GPS III Satellite 12/19/2017
Lockheed Reaches 2017 Joint Govt and Industry F-35 Delivery Target 12/19/2017
Lockheed to Supply Navy Integrated Common Processors Under $135M IDIQ 12/19/2017
Lockheed Integrates Harris-Developed Satellite Navigation Payload on 4th Air Force GPS III Space Vehicle 12/18/2017
Thales-Leonardo JV to Back Space Tech Devt Efforts Under NASA NextSTEP-2 Initiative 12/18/2017
Lockheed to Use NEC’s AI Tech for Space Ops Prescriptive Analytics; Carl Marchetto Comments 12/18/2017
Navy Commissions Lockheed-Built USS Little Rock Littoral Combat Ship 12/18/2017
Lockheed-Built GPS III Satellite Links With Raytheon Ground Control System 12/15/2017
Lockheed Martin Subsidiary Delivers 2 Black Hawk Helicopters for LA Fire Dept 12/14/2017
Air Force, Lockheed, University of Colorado Partner to Establish New TAP Lab Space 12/14/2017
USAF Completes Factory Mission Readiness Test on Lockheed-Built GPS III Satellite, Raytheon’s OCX 12/14/2017
Lockheed to Adopt NEC’s System Invariant Analysis Tech; Carl Marchetto Comments 12/14/2017
Lockheed Martin to Supply More Laser-Guided Bomb Kits to Navy 12/13/2017
Lockheed-Built LRASM Passes Flight Test, Moves Closer to Early Operational Capability 12/13/2017
Report: Germany Eyes Eurofighter Typhoon as Potential Tornado Fighter Jet Replacement 12/12/2017
FAA OKs LifePort Ballistic Protection Tech for Bell Helicopter Integration 12/12/2017
Lockheed to Begin Final Processing of NOAA’s GOES-S Weather Satellite 12/11/2017
USAF to Deliver Final Upgraded F-16 Batch to Indonesia 12/11/2017
QinetiQ Assists Canadian Navy in Drone Threat Simulation Exercise 12/08/2017
Israel Announces Operational Readiness of F-35s 12/08/2017
CNN: Japan Plans to Procure Lockheed, Kongsberg Long-Range Missiles 12/08/2017
IBM Tops List of Australian Govt IT Contractors 12/07/2017
Lockheed Licenses Ubisense’s Digital Platform to Aid F-35 Manufacturing Process 12/07/2017
Lockheed Gets Follow-On NATO Contract for Laser Guided Training Rounds 12/05/2017
DRAFT EnerSys and SEAKR Support Orion and SLS Development; Invite Media for Site Visit 12/05/2017
Lockheed Selects OSI Maritime Systems to Develop LCS Navigation Mgmt Tech 12/04/2017
Lockheed Assembles First Comms Satellite for Saudi Arabia-Based Operator 12/01/2017
Lockheed Autonomous Driving System Logs 55,000 Testing Miles at Army Warfighter Experiment 11/30/2017
Lockheed, Indra Extend Radar Devt Collaboration for Spanish Navy’s F-110 Frigate Program 11/29/2017
Air Force, Lockheed Transport 4th SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite to Cape Canaveral 11/29/2017
Lockheed Partners With 5 Firms to Pursue Canada’s Surface Combatant Program 11/29/2017
Rockwell Collins to Supply Display Tech for Intl F-16 Training Programs 11/28/2017
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Pursues Investments to Advance Manufacturing Process Amid ‘NewSpace’ Challenge 11/28/2017
Lockheed Completes Integration Work on 3rd Air Force GPS III Satellite 11/28/2017
Lockheed, USAF Test Norwegian F-35A Drag Chute 11/28/2017
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Uses 3D Printing Tech to Help Simulate, Virtualize Satellite Designs 11/22/2017
Lockheed Facilitates Talks on Australian Space Agency Establishment 11/21/2017
SPH Engineering Debuts Centralized Drone Management System 11/21/2017
Lockheed Subcontracts CAE USA for C-130J Weapons Systems Trainer Devt Support 11/21/2017
GE to Manufacture CH-53K Helicopter Engines Under $143M Navy Contract 11/17/2017
BAE Systems, AMMROC to Continue Hawk Trainer Aircraft Support for UAE 11/17/2017
Lockheed Hands Over 5th MUOS Satellite to Navy 11/17/2017
Lockheed Updates ‘Fury’ UAV Engine; Kevin Westfall Comments 11/16/2017
BAE Enters Hawk Fleet Support Partnership With UAE-Based Aircraft MRO Firm 11/16/2017
Harris-Hosted Summit Tackles Aerospace & Defense Workforce Needs 11/16/2017
Report: UAE to Buy $684M in Raytheon-Built Laser Guided Bombs 11/15/2017
Mexico’s Civil Aviation Authority Certifies Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter 11/15/2017
Report: Raytheon’s Patriot Defense Systems Intercepted Over 100 Missiles in Saudi Arabia Since 2015 11/15/2017
Air Force Orders Lockheed Missile Instrumentation Kits 11/15/2017
Lockheed Awards Scholarship to 2 Wounded Army Veterans 11/14/2017
Report: US in Talks With Potential F-35 Buyers in Gulf Region 11/13/2017
Report: Germany Eyes Lockheed’s F-35 for New Fighter Fleet 11/13/2017
Lockheed to Support F-35, Bomb Tech Maturation & Risk Reduction Efforts Under Navy Contract 11/10/2017
Australian Government Launches Trial for Satellite Positioning Technologies 11/10/2017
BAE Completes F-35A Airframe Durability Test 11/10/2017
Harris Completes Mission Data Unit for Future Air Force GPS III Satellites 11/09/2017
Lockheed Test Pilot Mark Ward Reaches 100 Flight Hours Aboard T-50A 11/09/2017
Lockheed Lands $386M Contract Modification to Support Air Force ICBM Re-Entry System 11/09/2017
Postal Service Taps Lockheed for $215M Package Sorting Tech Supply IDIQ 11/08/2017
Lockheed Supplies F-35 Full Mission Simulators to Int’l Allies 11/07/2017
Reports: Trump’s Supplemental Budget Request Seeks $6B More for Missile Defense, South Asia Strategy 11/07/2017
Norway Accepts Initial F-35s From Lockheed 11/07/2017
Saudi Arabian Military Industries Names A&D Vet Andreas Schwer CEO, Forms Board of Directors 11/03/2017
James Collier Named NCI EVP, Treasurer & CFO 11/02/2017
BAE Starts Production of Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile Sensors 11/02/2017
Navigant Research: DoD’s Annual Spending on Microgrid Deployments to Reach $1.4B in 2026 10/31/2017
Lockheed Continues Partnership With Navantia on Surface Ships, Naval Combat Systems 10/30/2017
Lockheed’s Marillyn Hewson, Rick Ambrose Host VP Mike Pence at Colorado Space Systems Facility 10/27/2017
Lockheed Renews Partnership With Spain-Based Shipbuilder Navantia 10/27/2017
Lockheed Gets $131M Follow-On Contract for Paveway II Bomb Kit Production 10/26/2017
Lockheed Unveils C-130 Aeronautics Product, Service Enhancements 10/26/2017
Lockheed Vet Angel Hunt Joins ACT I as Senior Contracts Manager; Michael Niggel Comments 10/25/2017
Lockheed Taps Orbital ATK to Produce F-35 Composite Parts 10/24/2017
Report: Lockheed, Spike Aerospace Bid on NASA Supersonic X-Plane Demonstrator Devt Contract 10/24/2017
Lockheed Selects Rockwell Collins’ Avionics Tech for Greek P-3 Flight Deck Modernization 10/24/2017
Lockheed Flies 2nd LM-100J Commercial Freighter Unit 10/23/2017
Keoki Jackson Outlines Lockheed’s Tech Investment Plans 10/20/2017
Lockheed Subsidiary Renews Propeller Distribution Deal With UTC Aerospace Systems 10/18/2017
F-35 Gets Clearance to Lift Off From UK Aircraft Carrier 10/18/2017
Air Force’s F-35A to Undergo Cold Weather Tests 10/16/2017
Keoki Jackson: Lockheed’s Terran Orbital Investment Creates Tech Insertion Opportunities 10/12/2017
1st Lockheed-Built GPS III Satellite Gets Air Force ‘Available for Launch’ Status 10/11/2017
NASA Tests QueSST X-Plane Model at Langley Research Center’s Wind Tunnel 10/09/2017
Lockheed Martin’s T-50A Trainer Aircraft Completes 100th Sortie 10/06/2017
Lockheed T-50A Aircraft Reaches 100th Sortie Milestone; Doug Batista Comments 10/05/2017
Lockheed Vet James Craig Joins Cubic Defense Segment as Ground Training Systems VP, GM; Dave Buss Comments 10/04/2017
Lockheed Builds Modular Solar Array for Satellite Bus 10/04/2017
Lockheed, Rockwell Collins Win Airborne Launch Control Replacement Tech Maturation Contracts 10/04/2017
CMS, Lockheed Vet Karen Shields Named Serco Inc. Health Sector VP; Dave Dacquino Comments 10/03/2017
ETI Tech to Produce C-5 Galaxy Passenger Seats for Air Force 10/02/2017
Lockheed to Develop, Maintain Simulation Training App for Navy Combat Systems 10/02/2017
Lockheed Introduces Base Camp Concept to Launch Crewed Mission to Mars 09/29/2017
Joe DellaVedova: New Lockheed Contract Award Covers F-35 ‘Blueprint for Affordability’ Phase 2 09/28/2017
Lockheed Martin Features New Satellite Buses at AFA-Hosted Event; Rick Ambrose Comments 09/28/2017
Report: Lockheed, Raytheon, Harris Back Air Force Multi-Domain C2 Efforts 09/26/2017
Navy Receives 5th Freedom-Variant LCS From Lockheed, Fincantieri Marinette Marine 09/26/2017
Lockheed Satellite-Based Augmentation System Testbed Begins DFMC Signal Transmission 09/25/2017
Humatics Closes Series A Financing for Commercialization of Microlocation System 09/21/2017
Lockheed, Army Demo Counter-UAV Laser Weapon Prototype 09/21/2017
Lt. Gen. Marshall Webb: Air Force to Declare AC-130J Gunship Initial Operating Capability Soon 09/21/2017
Lockheed Unveils New Satellite Bus Product Line; Rick Ambrose Comments 09/20/2017
Air Force F-15C Fleet to Use Lockheed Martin-Built Infrared Search and Track System 09/19/2017
Austal USA-Led Team Delivers Omaha LCS to Navy 09/19/2017
Former Govplace CFO Mark Serway Named HDS Federal Finance Chief, Operations VP 09/19/2017
Lockheed Martin Unveils Manufacturing & Tech Training Center in Alabama 09/18/2017
Lockheed Seeks Unmanned Maritime Opportunities Through Ocean Aero Investment 09/18/2017
Lockheed Opens Workforce Training Facility in Alabama 09/15/2017
Lockheed to Integrate Blue Cedar Security Platform With Comms Mobile App 09/15/2017
Lockheed-Elbit Team Eyes UK Navy Program for EW Modernization 09/15/2017
Leonardo-Led Group to Develop APS Prototype for UK Army Land Vehicles 09/14/2017
Lockheed Unit Demos Use of Open Systems Architecture to Help Warfighters Share Data 09/14/2017
Vinny Sica: Lockheed Mission Solutions Looks to ‘Whole of System’ Offerings for Space Industry 09/14/2017
Lockheed, Elbit Systems Team Up to Pursue UK Navy EW Tech Modernization Program 09/14/2017
Fleet Readiness Center Southeast Inaugurates F-35 Targeting System Repair Facility 09/14/2017
Lockheed Debuts Canister-Launched Small UAS Platform 09/13/2017
UK Pilots Conduct F-35 Interoperability Tests With Italian, Dutch Forces at BAE Simulation Facility 09/13/2017
Raytheon to Supply Projectors for BAE-Built F-22 Digital Head-Up Displays 09/13/2017
Navy Orders Lockheed Periscope Detection Radar Kits 09/11/2017
LA County Orders Sikorsky Helicopters for Aerial Firefighting Missions 09/08/2017
Report: L3 Picks Gulfstream 550 Aircraft for USAF Compass Call Replacement 09/08/2017
Vice Adm. Mathias Winter: JPO Eyes Lot 11 F-35 Deal With Lockheed by mid-October 09/08/2017
Lockheed’s Sikorsky to Produce Helicopter Tail Rotor Blades for Navy 09/07/2017
ViON Vet Scott Briggs Joins Belcan as Govt Services SVP 09/07/2017
Lockheed, EchoStar Retire Disconnected Comms Satellite 09/07/2017
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Vinny Sica, VP & GM, Mission Solutions for Lockheed Martin 09/07/2017
Navy, Lockheed Complete Helicopter-Based Electronic Warfare Pod Preliminary Design Review 09/06/2017
Lockheed Conducts Launch Simulation Test on Second Air Force GPS III Satellite 09/05/2017
Reports: Air Force Lifts Flight Ceiling on F-35As at Arizona’s Luke AFB 09/05/2017
Lockheed Begins Construction of $350M Satellite Factory in Colorado; Rick Ambrose Comments 09/05/2017
Lockheed-Fincantieri Marinette Marine Team Supports Navy USS Little Rock LCS Acceptance Trials 09/01/2017
Lockheed, Mahindra Launch India-Based Training Center for C-130J Aircrew 09/01/2017
Lockheed Breaks Ground on New Satellite Production Facility; Rick Ambrose Comments 09/01/2017
India Plans Single-Engine Fighter Aircraft RFI for Lockheed, Saab 09/01/2017
Lockheed, Mahindra Open C-130J Training Center for India's Air Force 08/31/2017
Navy, MDA Launch Raytheon SM-6 Missiles Using Lockheed’s Aegis Combat System 08/30/2017
Derco, Universal Synaptics Extend Avionics Fault Detector Distribution Agreement 08/29/2017
Lockheed to Pair Indago Quadrotor With MyDefence Counter-UAS Platform 08/28/2017
Hughes’ Rick Lober to Join Panel Discussion on Milsatcom Ground Segment Innovations 08/24/2017
Report: India Issues RFI for $10B Naval Helicopter Procurement Program 08/24/2017
Lockheed Martin, NASA Test Orion Spacecraft’s Power Systems, Computers 08/23/2017
Harris to Supply EW Transmitter for Air Force C-130J Aircraft 08/23/2017
Senior Aerospace SSP, Lockheed’s Derco Subsidiary Extend International Distributor Agreement 08/23/2017
CGI, Leidos, Northrop Land Spots on SSA IT Services Contract 08/22/2017
NASA, Lockheed Activate Orion Crew Module for Initial Power-On Test; Mike Hawes Comments 08/22/2017
Lockheed-Led Team Concludes Navy Little Rock LCS Builder’s Trials 08/22/2017
Lockheed Test-Fires Tactical LRASM Missile From B-1B Bomber Aircraft 08/21/2017
Tempus to Buy 6 Pre-Owned UK Military Tanker, Cargo Planes 08/21/2017
August 21st Market Close: GovConIndex Closes Up As Major Indices Close Mixed 08/21/2017
Lockheed’s Rick Ambrose: AR/VR, 3D Printing & AI to Shape Satellite Production 08/18/2017
BAE Marks F-35 Component Production Milestone 08/17/2017
Lockheed Completes $1B Investment Obligation to Canadian Industry 08/17/2017
Lockheed’s Radar Warning Receiver for Combat Rescue Chopper Concludes USAF Technical Readiness Evaluation 08/17/2017
F-35 JPO Assigns Software Integration Functions to Air Force, Navy Organizations 08/17/2017
Lockheed Integrates Updated Comms Satellite for Saudi Customers; Rick Ambrose Comments 08/16/2017
Australian AF Chief Flies Lockheed-Pilatus-Hawker Pacific Trainer Aircraft 08/16/2017
Lockheed’s Rick Ambrose: AI, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing Could Revolutionize Satellite Production 08/15/2017
Report: Lockheed Considers Bid for Israel’s $4.2B Logistics Center Construction Plan 08/15/2017
Lockheed Ships 3 GPS Satellite Signal Receivers to Air Force; Vinny Sica Comments 08/11/2017
Lockheed Completes Arabsat Comms Satellite Integration; Rick Ambrose Comments 08/11/2017
Tim Cahill: Lockheed Eyes Ship-Launched Patriot Missile, New 6-Foot Rocket 08/10/2017
Harris Ships 3rd Navigation Payload for Lockheed-Built GPS III Satellites 08/10/2017
Lockheed Receives 3rd Harris-Built Navigation Payload for Air Force GPS III Satellite 08/09/2017
Tim Cahill: Lockheed Observes Global Interest in Missile Defense Systems 08/09/2017
Lockheed to Develop Space-Based Carbon Cycle Monitoring Tool With NASA, 2 Universities 08/09/2017
Lockheed Deploys 3 of 6 Receivers for Air Force GPS Monitoring Stations; Vinny Sica Comments 08/07/2017
Lockheed Martin Unveils Future $350M Satellite Production Center in Colorado; Rick Ambrose Comments 08/04/2017
Romania to Buy F-16s, Rocket Launchers in Support of NATO Spending Commitment 08/04/2017
Lockheed Conducts VH-92A Presidential Helicopter Initial Flight 08/04/2017
Report: White House Asks Tech Firms’ Aid in Federal IT Modernization Via ‘Tours of Duty’ 08/04/2017
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Dave Dacquino, Chairman and CEO of Serco NA 08/03/2017
Lockheed Begins Colorado Satellite Manufacturing Hub Construction; Rick Ambrose Comments 08/02/2017
Report: Air Force GPS III Satellite Ground Control System Faces 9-Month Delay 08/01/2017
6 Companies to Build Deep Space Habitat Prototypes Under NASA Program 07/31/2017
Sikorsky, Kaan Air, StarFlight Enter $50M Agreement to Refurbish Black Hawk Helicopters in Australia 07/28/2017
Lockheed Demos Surface-Launched Anti-Ship Missile Variant 07/28/2017
Lockheed to Continue Navy Submarine Engineering Support Under $120M Contract Modification 07/25/2017
Lockheed-Built F-35 Fleet Exceeds 100,000 Flight Hours 07/25/2017
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Dave Dacquino, Chairman and CEO of Serco NA 07/25/2017
Air Force Leaders, European Partners Attend F-35 Leadership Forum 07/24/2017
Lockheed Martin Building Full-Scale Deep Space Habitat Prototype for NASA 07/24/2017
Lockheed to Build Deep Space Habitat Prototype for NASA Under NextSTEP Phase II Contract 07/21/2017
Report: Navy Updates Draft RFP for MQ-25A Stingray Unmanned Tanker Program 07/21/2017
Christopher Kubasik to Succeed Michael Strianese as L3 CEO in 2018 07/20/2017
Lockheed Invests in AI Tech for 'Intelligent' Maintenance Support to Canada's C-130Js 07/20/2017
Lockheed- & Northrop-Led Teams in Shortlist for Australia’s Simulation Requirement 07/19/2017
U.S. Digital Service Details Progress on 10 Federal Cyber Modernization Projects 07/19/2017
Report: F-35 JPO Aims to Address Hypoxia Concerns Through Oxygen Generating System Update 07/19/2017
CAE Books $139M Defense Contracts for Aircraft Training Products & Services; Gene Colabatistto Comments 07/18/2017
Lockheed Martin’s Rick Ambrose Lands NDIA Recognition for Space Systems Work 07/18/2017
Lockheed, Discovery Education Launch Mars Habitation Module Design Challenge in UK 07/17/2017
Lockheed Martin Launches New Facility to Drive UK Cybersecurity Efforts 07/17/2017
Lockheed Opens New Facility to Support UK’s Natl Cyber Strategy 07/14/2017
Lockheed EVP Rick Ambrose to Receive NDIA’s Peter B. Teets Award 07/14/2017
GSA to Acquire Office Spaces to Meet Census 2020 Requirements 07/14/2017
Air Force to Host Industry Day on Phase 2 Competition for GPS III Production 07/14/2017
State Dept Clears Potential $4B Patriot Missile Sale to Romania 07/12/2017
Lockheed to Supply Targeting Pods for Bahrain F-16 Fleet 07/11/2017
Lockheed, French Shipbuilder Open Office to Support Australia’s Submarine Devt Program 07/10/2017
Polish Defense Group, Lockheed to Collaborate on Missile Launcher Devt Project 07/10/2017
Roy Kelley to Serve as Commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic 07/10/2017
Lockheed Starts CH-53K Flight Test Program Transition to Naval Air Station in Maryland 07/06/2017
Atos to Install Supercomputer for UK Nuclear Deterrence Program 07/05/2017
Lockheed Gets $74M in Navy Contract Modifications for Lots 11, 12 F-35 Parts, Engineering Support 07/05/2017
Lockheed-Led Industry Team Launches 15th Navy LCS; Joe North Comments 07/03/2017
Lt. Gen. Aundre Piggee: Army Looks to Increase Ammo Supplies in 5 Years 07/03/2017
Air Force Taps Lockheed for Potential $409M Thermal, Power, Control R&D Contract 07/03/2017
Harris Receives Award as Component Supplier for Lockheed’s F-35, F-22 Aircraft 06/30/2017
Harris Gets Lockheed Supplier Award for F-35, F-22 Pneumatic Suspension, Release Systems 06/29/2017
NASA, Lockheed Wrap Up Supersonic Transport X-Plane Preliminary Design Review 06/27/2017
Lockheed to Start Environmental Test on 2nd Air Force GPS III Satellite 06/27/2017
Lockheed Gets Potential $1.2B Navy Contract for Sonar System Engineering Services 06/23/2017
Lockheed Provides $1M Grant to Fund Additive Manufacturing Lab at MSU Denver 06/23/2017
Lockheed Martin Unveils Super Hercules Variant for Special Operations Forces 06/22/2017
Galliford Try-Lagan Construction JV to Help Build UK F-35B Hangar Under $171M Contract 06/22/2017
Orbital ATK Reveals Test Results of Motor Technology for Orion Spacecraft 06/21/2017
Lockheed Intros C-130J Variant Designed for Int’l SOF Missions 06/21/2017
Lockheed, Tata Sign Agreement to Produce F-16s in India 06/21/2017
Harris to Supply Data Storage, Cockpit Display Tech for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 06/20/2017
Lockheed Gets $61M Contract Modification for Navy Aegis Facility O&M Support 06/20/2017
Lockheed Adds Sierra Nevada to Skunk Works JSTARS Recap Team 06/20/2017
Raytheon Develops Compact Targeting Sensor Variant; Roy Azevedo Comments 06/20/2017
Australia Receives 1st Hobart-Class Destroyer With Lockheed’s Aegis System 06/19/2017
Lockheed Martin Taps Harris to Update F-35 Mission System Avionics; Ed Zoiss Comments 06/19/2017
NASA, Lockheed, Orbital ATK Test Orion Spacecraft Launch Abort Motor 06/16/2017
David Dacquino Promoted to CEO at Serco’s Americas Arm 06/16/2017
Varley Group to Help Build Portable Ground Facilities for Deployed Air Force F-35 Support Crews 06/15/2017
Lockheed Martin Names ‘Generation Beyond’ Video Challenge Winners; Rick Ambrose Comments 06/14/2017
Lockheed Taps ViaSat to Provide Navy LRASM Weapon Data Links 06/14/2017
Lockheed Martin Open to Continued Cooperation with Japanese Industry for the F-35 Program 06/13/2017
Lockheed Develops Space-Themed Curriculum, App to Promote STEM Learning; Rick Ambrose Comments 06/12/2017
Lockheed Names Student Winners of Mars Spacecraft Design Challenge; Rick Ambrose Comments 06/07/2017
Lockheed Aims to Incite Interest in Space-Related Careers Via New App, Curriculum; Rick Ambrose Comments 06/07/2017
Former Lockheed Exec Ryan McCarthy to Be Nominated as Army Undersecretary 06/07/2017
DOE, NIFA to Help Fund Biomass R&D Projects 06/07/2017
Lockheed Taps Elbit Systems’ US Subsidiary for F-35 Cockpit Display Replacement 06/07/2017
Lockheed Martin Partner in Japan Rolls Out 1st Locally Assembled F-35A 06/07/2017
Aircraft Systems Top Marine Corps’ FY 2018 Unfunded Priorities List 06/06/2017
Lockheed Martin Rolls Out 1st HC-130J for Alaska Air National Guard 06/05/2017
Lockheed Gets $200M AF IDIQ to Sustain Airborne Targeting, Navigation Pods for 13 Int'l Clients 06/02/2017
Lockheed, Canadian Firm Deploy Indago 2 UAS for Asset Inspection 06/01/2017
Intel’s Melvin Greer to Receive BDPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award 05/31/2017
Lockheed Martin Wins $19.8 Million for Work on F-35 Fighters 05/31/2017
Sikorsky Wraps Up Combat Rescue Helicopter Critical Design Review 05/31/2017
Lt. Gen. Jerry Harris: Air Force Looks to Buy Back C-5M Airlifters 05/31/2017
Lockheed Subsidiary to Update Chilean Frigate Combat Mgmt System 05/26/2017
Lockheed Requests Incentive Package for Missile Production Facility Expansion 05/23/2017
Former CACI Exec Ryan Vervack Appointed CTO of DroneShield’s US Subsidiary 05/23/2017
Lockheed Concludes 6th TACMS Missile Flight Test; Scott Greene Comments 05/23/2017
CPI Aero Delivers Initial F-35A Lock Assemblies to Lockheed 05/22/2017
Report: Saudi Arabia, Lockheed Seal $6B Deal for Modified Littoral Combat Ships 05/19/2017
Lockheed-Led Industry Team Conducts Keel-Laying Ceremony for Navy’s 19th LCS 05/18/2017
Lockheed Updates Exoskeleton to Help Boost Soldier Mobility, Load-Carrying Capacity 05/17/2017
Lockheed to Supply Targeting Pods to Kuwait via US Air Force Delivery Order 05/16/2017
NJ, Virginia Police to Use Lockheed-Built Small UAS for Search & Rescue Ops 05/12/2017
Raytheon Lands $53M Air Force Contract to Manufacture 3D Long-Range Radars 05/12/2017
Law Enforcement Agencies Aim to Locate Missing Persons With Special Needs Via Lockheed Indago UAS 05/11/2017
Lockheed Martin Holds Autonomous, Unmanned Tech Demonstration 05/11/2017
Rolls-Royce Secures $79M Contract for KC-130J Tanker Engine Support to Marine Corps, Kuwait 05/10/2017
Lockheed Showcases Autonomous Tech for Military & Commercial Customers 05/10/2017
Lockheed Integrates TrellisWare Embedded Software Into Quadrotor UAS 05/09/2017
Air Force F-35A Fighter Jet to Head to Paris Air Show 05/08/2017
Lockheed, Leonardo Unveil 1st F-35B Assembled in Italy 05/08/2017
Lockheed Martin to Deliver F-16 Fighting Falcon Training System to Romania’s Air Force 05/08/2017
First Italian-Built F-35B ‘Rolls Out’ in Cameri, Italy 05/05/2017
Boeing Stops Navy Sea-Launched Missile Contract Pursuit 05/04/2017
Orbital ATK, Lockheed, NASA Test Orion Launch Abort System's Attitude Control Motor 05/03/2017
Lockheed Conducts Long-Range Endurance Tests on Fury UAS 04/28/2017
Lockheed Receives $423M Lot 10 F-35 Special Equipment Procurement Funds 04/27/2017
Lockheed to Update Japan’s Apache Helicopter Sensors 04/27/2017
Lockheed Gets Approval to Deploy Updated F-35 ‘ALIS’ Logistics System at Air Force, Navy Sites 04/27/2017
Lockheed Demos ‘Fury’ UAS in Long-Range Endurance Test Missions 04/27/2017
Lockheed-Built MUOS-5 Satellite Begins Support for Military UHF Comms 04/26/2017
Lockheed Secures $110M Navy Contract Modification for F-35 Block 3F Upgrade Support 04/26/2017
Lockheed-Built MUOS-5 Delivers Beyond-Line-of-Sight Comms Service to Soldiers 04/25/2017
GAO: 1-Year Delay in F-35 Developmental Tests Could Result in $1.7B in Cost Overruns 04/25/2017
April 20 Market Close: GovCon Index and Markets Surge On Speculation of Tax Cuts 04/20/2017
Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch: Air Force May Discard Plans to Qualify 2nd Ejection Seat for F-35A 04/18/2017
Rolls-Royce Wins $373M IDIQ to Repair KC-130J Engines for US Marine Corps, Kuwait 04/17/2017
Lockheed’s F-16 Jets Get Air Force Approval for Service Life Extension 04/17/2017
Air Force OKs Extended Service Life for Lockheed-Built F-16s 04/13/2017
Lockheed Licenses B-Temia’s Exoskeleton Tech 04/12/2017
Lockheed to Explore Multi-Domain C2 at Wargame Exercise 04/12/2017
Lockheed, Air Force, Calspan Conduct Teaming Drill for Manned, Unmanned Systems 04/11/2017
Lockheed, Calspan, Air Force Conduct Manned-Unmanned Teaming Demo 04/10/2017
Kongsberg Lands Contract to Integrate BAE Australian Arm’s RF Sensor With F-35 Missile 04/10/2017
Lockheed Unveils Analytics Platform for Space Asset Protection 04/05/2017
Lockheed to Integrate 3D-Printed Remote Interface Unit on 6th Air Force AEHF Satellite 04/05/2017
Lockheed Demos Jettison Release of Anti-Ship Missile From Super Hornet Aircraft 04/04/2017
Lockheed to Help Air Force Sustain US Military’s Joint Battle Mgmt System 04/04/2017
BAE to Lead F-35 Sustainment in UK Under Subcontract From Lockheed 04/04/2017
Report: Poland Seeks to Finalize $7.5B Contract for 8 Raytheon Patriot Batteries by November 04/03/2017
Lockheed Secures $1.6B Contract to Produce Counterfire Radar Tech for Army 03/31/2017
Northrop, Terma Ink Deal for Additional F-35 Parts Production Opportunities 03/30/2017
Navy Runs Safe Separation Tests of Lockheed-Built Anti-Submarine Weapon 03/30/2017
Lockheed, Northrop Integrate Tech for Army Modular Active Protection System Demonstrator 03/30/2017
Harris Reaches F-35 Avionics Delivery Milestone; Ed Zoiss Comments 03/29/2017
LCS Built by Lockheed-Led Industry Team Completes Navy Qualification Trials 03/28/2017
Kongsberg Subsidiary Built Geospatial Tool for New Zealand’s Combat System Trainer 03/28/2017
Lockheed Plans New Johnstown, PA Facility for F-35 Parts Production; Ed Sheehan Comments 03/27/2017
Lockheed Team-Built LCS 7 Completes Ship Qualification Tests 03/27/2017
Lockheed to Build New F-35 Component Production Facility in Pennsylvania; CTC’s Ed Sheehan Comments 03/24/2017
Lockheed-Built SBIRS GEO 3 Satellite Sends 1st Images From Orbit 03/23/2017
Charles Chase: Lockheed, NASA Eye Preliminary X-Plane Design Review Completion in June 03/23/2017
Navy Updates Tomahawk Weapons Control System for Surface, Subsurface Platforms 03/22/2017
Reuters: Germany Eyes $966M Lockheed C-130J Aircraft Procurement 03/20/2017
F-35 Jet Fires MBDA-Built Missile in Flight Test 03/16/2017
Air Force Kicks Off F-22 Weapon Software, Hardware Upgrades 03/16/2017
Lockheed Hands Frigate Combat System Trainer to New Zealand’s Navy 03/15/2017
Lockheed Updates Airborne Testbed to Boost Intell Processing Capacity; Rob Smith Comments 03/14/2017
Reuters: MBDA, Lockheed Plan JV to Manage MEADS Deal with Germany 03/13/2017
Lockheed Puts Updated Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Through 2 Flight Tests 03/13/2017
NRL Backs NASA Research Efforts to Measure Water Levels in Snow 03/10/2017
March 9 Market Close: GovCon Index Down, While Stock Markets Close Up and WTI Drops Below $50 03/09/2017
US Begins Rollout of Lockheed-Built Missile Defense System in South Korea 03/08/2017
Air Force Orders Rheinmetall Ammo for F-35 Fleet 03/08/2017
Northrop Delivers Fifth AEHF Satellite Payload to Lockheed; Cyrus Dhalla Comments 03/07/2017
US Begins Deployment of Lockheed-Built Anti-Missile Platform in South Korea 03/07/2017
Australia’s Jindalee Radar Update Program Lands Bids From BAE, Lockheed 03/07/2017
Lockheed-Built GOES-16 Satellite Instruments Record Continuous Lightning, Solar Storm Data 03/07/2017
Lockheed Martin Eyes Belgium, Spain & Switzerland as Potential F-35 Buyers 03/07/2017
NASA Selects ULA-Built Atlas V Rocket to Launch JPSS-2 in 2021 03/06/2017
Report: BAE, Lockheed Compete for Australia’s Jindalee Radar Network Upgrade Project 03/06/2017
Jeff Babione: Lockheed in Talks With Potential F-35 Buyers in Europe 03/06/2017
Aerojet Rocketdyne Tests Auxiliary Engines for Lockheed-Built Orion Spacecraft; Eileen Drake, Mike Hawes Comment 03/03/2017
Lockheed Unveils ‘Paragon’ Direct Attack Munition 03/03/2017
Report: Sikorsky to Offer Black Hawk Variant to Air Force Huey Replacement Program 03/02/2017
Lockheed Martin Space Systems EVP Rick Ambrose Elected to 2017 Wash100 for Strategic Partnering Leadership 03/01/2017
Lockheed, Brigham Young University Partner to Apply Gaming Tech in Digital Engineering 03/01/2017
Lockheed-Built F-35 to Support Future Ops Against Islamic State Group 03/01/2017
Gen. Hawk Carlisle: F-35 to Join Fight Against ISIS Group in Near Future 02/28/2017
Lockheed to Shift 650 Fleet Ballistic Missile Program Positions to Colorado, Florida; Rick Ambrose Comments 02/27/2017
Lockheed, Abu Dhabi Firm to Provide Maritime Asset Sustainment Support to UAE Navy 02/27/2017
NASA, Lockheed Assess Preliminary X-Plane Design in Supersonic Wind Tunnel 02/27/2017
Atlantis Resources Deploys Lockheed-Designed Turbine for Scotland’s Tidal Energy Project 02/24/2017
Lockheed to Move Fleet Ballistic Missile Program to Florida, Colorado Facilities; Rick Ambrose Comments 02/24/2017
Lockheed, ADSB Sign MoU to Offer Maritime Sustainment Support for UAE Military 02/24/2017
Linear Particle Accelerator Installed at Lockheed’s Silicon Valley-Based Tech Center 02/23/2017
Lockheed Martin Flies 2nd Trainer Aircraft in Push for T-X Program 02/23/2017
Air Force Tests Lockheed-Built F-35A Capacity Against Aggressor Aircraft & Simulated Threats 02/22/2017
Lockheed Martin to Supply Laser-Guided Training Rounds for Polish Military 02/22/2017
Walter Scott, DigitalGlobe Founder and CTO, Inducted Into 2017 Wash100 for Satellite Launch & Tech Advancement Leadership 02/21/2017
Megmar Logistics Taps Lockheed to Deliver Laser-Guided Training Rounds for Poland 02/21/2017
Lockheed-Injaz-Tecgrant JV Debuts Portable Machine System for Automated Manufacturing 02/21/2017
Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan Talks F-35 Production, Price Reduction Efforts at House Hearing 02/17/2017
Airbus Secures $212M Contract to Build ESA’s 2nd Orion Spacecraft Service Module 02/17/2017
NASA Eyes Potential Astronaut Deployment on 1st SLS-Orion Flight; Lockheed’s Allison Miller Comments 02/16/2017
Northrop, UK Air Force Demo Communication Interoperability Between F-35, Typhoon Jets 02/16/2017
Lockheed, Inmarsat, GMV to Support PNT Program in Australia 02/15/2017
BAE Seeks to Build Up Workforce as UK Launches Cybersecurity Hub 02/15/2017
Former CACI SVP Jason Seibel Named CenturyLink Federal Operations Integration VP 02/14/2017
Geoscience Australia Partners With Lockheed, Inmarsat, GMV to Demo 2nd-Gen Satellite-based Navigation Testbed 02/14/2017
Judy Marks, Siemens USA CEO, Inducted Into Wash100 for Energy Market & Workforce Development Leadership 02/14/2017
Lockheed Unveils New Civil Freighter Variant of C-130J Tactical Airlifter 02/13/2017
Report: Poland to Buy 2 Black Hawks, 14 Other Helicopters in 2017 02/13/2017
Lockheed-Northrop-Comtech Team Integrates Comms Terminal With AEHF Network 02/13/2017
Navy Tests Updated Helmet Mounted Display Tech for F-35C Pilots 02/10/2017
Lockheed-Built Updated C-130J Goes Through Test at Little Rock AFB 02/10/2017
Lockheed Martin Canada Teams With Rank Software for Co-Branded Cybersecurity Offering 02/10/2017
Lockheed-Northrop-Comtech Team Integrates New Terminal With AEHF Payload 02/10/2017
MEADS Team Pursues Dev’t of Turkey’s 1st Air & Missile Defense System 02/10/2017
Lockheed, RANK Software Unveil Cybersecurity Offering for Defense Programs 02/09/2017
Lockheed Martin Utilizes DigitalGlobe’s Geospatial Big Data Analysis Plaform 02/09/2017
Australian F-35, EA-18G Jets to Debut in March 02/08/2017
Air Force Tests C-130J Hardware, Software Upgrades 02/08/2017
DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4 Satellite Enters Service After Testing & Calibration Phase Completion 02/06/2017
Chris Kubasik, L3 Technologies COO, Inducted Into 2017 Wash100 for Acquisition Leadership 02/06/2017
Lockheed, UK Nat’l Cybersecurity Center Partner for Talent Development Initiative 02/06/2017
Lockheed’s Speedline Facility Completes Inlet Coating Repair on 1st F-22 Raptor 02/03/2017
Lockheed’s Speedline Facility Completes Inlet Coatings Work on 1st F-22 for Air Force 02/02/2017
Lockheed-MBDA JV Submits Bid for Poland’s Missile Defense Procurement Program 02/02/2017
MEADS Bids for Poland Missile Defense System Development 02/01/2017
Lockheed, Air Force’s 62nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit Collaborate on F-35 Maintenance 01/31/2017
Tim Conway, NTT Data Public Sector President, Inducted Into 2017 Wash100 for Dell Services Integration Leadership 01/30/2017
Lockheed Martin Opens New Facility for Autonomous Systems Business in Colorado 01/30/2017
Lockheed Unveils New Colorado Site for Autonomous Systems Business 01/27/2017
Rick Ambrose, Lockheed Space Systems EVP, Chosen to 2017 Wash100 for Partnership & Investment Leadership 01/27/2017
NNSA Issues Honeywell Subsidiary Notice to Proceed for Sandia Labs Mgmt Transition 01/26/2017
AIDC Starts Update Work on Taiwan’s Lockheed-Built F-16s 01/26/2017
NOAA Releases 1st Image From Harris-Built Camera on Lockheed’s GOES-16 Satellite 01/25/2017
Air Force’s F-35A to Join Red Flag Combat Training Exercise 01/24/2017
Air Force Launches Latest Lockheed-Built Missile Warning Satellite 01/24/2017
Harris-Built GOES-16 Satellite Camera Captures Image of Earth’s Full Western Hemisphere 01/24/2017
Gregory Zacharias: Air Force Seeks to Integrate AI Functions With F-35s 01/23/2017
Air Force Sends Lockheed-Built SBIRS GEO 3 Satellite Into Space 01/23/2017
Lockheed Begins Development of Optical Component to Support NASA ‘Dark Energy’ Research 01/23/2017
Lockheed Starts Optical Payload Development for NASA’s Dark Energy Research Programs 01/20/2017
Air Force to Launch Lockheed-Built SBIRS GEO Flight 3 Satellite Thursday 01/18/2017
Renovated Cape Canaveral Building to Host Lockheed Employees for Navy Fleet Ballistic Missile Program 01/18/2017
Siemens’ US CEO Judy Marks to Chair Foundation Board; David Etzwiler Comments 01/18/2017
Lockheed Awarded $327M UK Aerial Surveillance System Devt Contract 01/17/2017
Lockheed Taps BAE for Air Force F-22 Head-Up Display Modernization 01/17/2017
Lockheed, Navy Open Renovated Cape Canaveral Facility to Support Fleet Ballistic Missile Program 01/17/2017
Lockheed to Install Electronic Warfare Pods on Navy MH-60 Helicopters 01/13/2017
Air Force Chooses Location for First AF Reserve-Led F-35A Base 01/13/2017
Lockheed Seals 3rd Air Force Missile Warning Satellite Ahead of Launch 01/12/2017
January 9 Morning Report: GovCon Index Registers Gain as Labor Dept Records 156K New Jobs 01/09/2017
NASA Taps Lockheed Martin to Develop Asteroid Exploration Spacecraft 01/09/2017
Lockheed to Build Asteroid Exploration Spacecraft for a NASA Discovery Program Mission 01/06/2017
NASA to Launch 2 Asteroid Exploration Missions to Get Insights on Solar System’s History 01/05/2017
Report: India to Seek Bids from Foreign Firms for Single-Engine Fighter Jet Production Contract 01/04/2017
Raytheon to Provide Test Support for Qatar Missile Defense Center Under AF Contract Modification 01/04/2017
Transparency Market Research: Military Radar Market Worth $9.4B by 2024 01/03/2017
Lockheed Gets $450M Contract Modification to Continue F-35A Air System Integration for South Korea 12/30/2016
Markets and Markets: Global EOIR Systems Market to Hit $14.2B by 2022 12/28/2016
China Conducts FC-31 Fighter Jet Flight Test 12/27/2016
RegistrarDaily: New Report Names Top Firms in Airborne Systems Surveillance Radar Industry 12/27/2016
Lockheed, Data Security Council of India Launch Online Cybersecurity Education Platform 12/27/2016
Lockheed, Data Security Council of India Unveil Online Portal to Raise Cyber Awareness; Robie Samanta Roy Comments 12/23/2016
Former Lockheed Aeronautics EVP Ralph Heath to Join Textron’s Board of Directors 12/23/2016
Deborah Lee James: Air Force Could Deploy F-35As to Europe in Near Future 12/23/2016
ULA Sets Jan. 19 Launch Date for Air Force’s 3rd SBIRS GEO Satellite 12/22/2016
Lockheed to Start Environmental, Mechanical Tests on NOAA GOES-S Weather Satellite 12/21/2016
Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan: F-35 Program Has Been On Schedule, On Budget Since 2011 12/20/2016
Navy Eyes F-35 Block 4 Update Contract Award to Lockheed’s Aeronautics Business 12/20/2016
Collinear to Commercialize Lockheed Wireless Data Transmission Tech; Rick Ambrose Comments 12/19/2016
Lockheed Puts EchoStar XIX Comms Satellite in Orbit; Steve Skladanek Comments 12/19/2016
Lockheed Receives ICBM Re-Entry System Sustainment, Update Contracts 12/16/2016
Lockheed-Collinear Partnership Aims to Commercialize Wireless Transmission Tech; Rick Ambrose Comments 12/16/2016
Honeywell Subsidiary Lands Potential $2.6B Sandia Labs Mgmt Contract 12/16/2016
DCMA, Lockheed Hold Retirement Ceremony for Former Air Force Switch Engine 12/15/2016
Commerce Dept: NOAA Renames Weather Satellite GOES-16 After Entry Into Geostationary Orbit 12/15/2016
Lockheed Martin Completes Encapsulation of EchoStar XIX Broadband Satellite 12/14/2016
DigitalGlobe Shares First Image From WorldView-4 Satellite; Lockheed’s Carl Marchetto Comments 12/14/2016
Sikorsky Vet Carey Bond Joins CPI Aerostructures Board of Directors; Eric Rosenfeld Comments 12/14/2016
Israel Receives First Two Lockheed-Built F-35s 12/13/2016
Lockheed Martin to Update Air Force GPS Satellite Ground Control System 12/13/2016
Lockheed Finishes Encapsulation Work on EchoStar XIX Broadband Satellite 12/13/2016
Carl Marchetto: Lockheed-Built WorldView-4 Satellite to Provide Images to Govt Officials, Disaster Relief Workers 12/13/2016
Two F-35 Jets Fly to Israel Ahead of Reception Ceremony 12/12/2016
First F-35 Test Pilot Jon Beesley Revisits Lockheed 12/12/2016
Lockheed’s Energy Arm to Resell N-Dimension’s Cyber Services; Brad Luna Comments 12/12/2016
Air Force to Choose 2 Bases to House Lockheed-Built F-35A Fleet 12/09/2016
Ash Carter, India’s Defense Minister Discuss Collaborative Priorities 12/09/2016
Lockheed Martin Nabs $67M AF Contract for F-15 Sensor Spares; Paul Lemmo Comments 12/08/2016
Air Force to Select 2 Host Bases for Lockheed Martin-Built F-35 Joint Strike Fighter 12/08/2016
3rd Lockheed-Developed Missile Warning Satellite Cleared for Launch 12/08/2016
Sandia National Lab and Singapore Partner on Energy Storage Test-Bed Project; Dan Borneo Comments 12/08/2016
Sikorsky Inaugurates Combat Rescue Helicopter Testing Facility in Connecticut 12/08/2016
NASA Picks University of Oklahoma-Led Team for $166M Geostationary Vegetation, Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Mission 12/07/2016
Lockheed Completes GPS Satellite Ground Control System Update; Vinny Sica Comments 12/06/2016
DigitalGlobe Unveils First Public Image From WorldView-4 Satellite 12/05/2016
Lockheed Updates Air Force GPS Satellite Ground Control System; Vinny Sica Comments 12/02/2016
Lockheed Performs First Initial T-50A Trainer Aircraft Flight Test 12/02/2016
Lockheed to Supply France With C-130J Variant Under $133M Contract Modification 12/02/2016
Lockheed Taps Textron for F-35 Electronic Warfare Simulation Tests; Steve Mensh Comments 12/01/2016
Aerospace Industry Vet Scott Campbell Joins AAMSI in SVP Role; Dennis Zalupski Comments 12/01/2016
Former Siemens Federal Lead Judy Marks Named CEO of Conglomerate's US Arm 12/01/2016
Lockheed Martin Groups Training, Logistics Products Into 5 Categories 11/30/2016
Lockheed-Virginia Tech Alliance to Focus on Cybersecurity, Electronics & Autonomy Research 11/30/2016
Lockheed, Raytheon CEOs Highlight Intl Sales Environment Amid Oil Price Headwinds & Incoming Trump Administration 11/30/2016
Lockheed Martin Delivers First Japanese F-35A Aircraft to Luke AFB 11/30/2016
Lockheed Restructures Training & Logistics Business 11/29/2016
Report: Israel to Buy 17 More Lockheed-Built F-35s 11/28/2016
Navy Completes F-35B Weapon Load Tests On USS America 11/23/2016
Navy Completes F-35B Weapon Load Tests On USS America 11/23/2016
Johns Hopkins APL’s CubeSat for Earth Radiation Imbalance Study Launches Aboard Atlas V Rocket 11/23/2016
NOAA, NASA Launch Lockheed-built GOES-R Weather Satellite 11/21/2016
Straightline Aviation to Utilize Lockheed Hybrid Airships for Rare Mineral Cargo Transportation 11/17/2016
Lockheed Performs Collaborative Demo Between Optionally-Piloted Helicopters and Small UAS 11/16/2016
DigitalGlobe Deploys Lockheed-Made WorldView-4 Imaging Satellite; Rick Ambrose Comments 11/15/2016
F-35 Program Office Taps Northrop, BAE & Australia-Based Teammates for MRO&U Services 11/15/2016
Lockheed Taps Elbit Systems for Israel F-35 Training Center Support Services 11/14/2016
DigitalGlobe Launches Lockheed-Built WorldView-4 Satellite; Rick Ambrose Comments 11/14/2016
F-35B Completes First Power Module, Engine Swap; Mark Schroeder Comments 11/14/2016
Research and Markets: Global UAV Market to Reach $21.23B by 2022 11/11/2016
Lockheed, Penn State Forge New Research Partnership Deal; Dan Heller Comments 11/11/2016
Report: Lockheed, White House Transition Team Discuss F-35 Program 11/11/2016
Lockheed, SIAA Host Forum for Australia's Space Industry 11/10/2016
Airbus' Defense & Space Business to Provide Radars for Navy LCS Program 11/10/2016
Lockheed Vet Joanne Maguire Joins Tetra Tech Board of Directors 11/10/2016
Lockheed Subsidiary Subcontracts Mayflower Communications for Navy Submarine Antenna Upgrade Work 11/09/2016
Harris Antenna Reflector Pair Deployed on Fifth Navy MUOS Satellite 11/09/2016
Wes Kremer: Raytheon Could Update Germany’s Patriot Missile Defense System Within a Year 11/07/2016
Lockheed to Start On-Orbit Test of 5th MUOS Satellite; Mark Woempner Comments 11/07/2016
Navy’s MUOS-5 Comms Satellite Deploys Antennas, Solar Arrays After Arrival at Operational Orbit 11/04/2016
Lockheed Invests in CarteNav for ISR Product Development 11/04/2016
Lockheed Martin Hands Over C-5M Super Galaxy Airlifter to Air Force 433rd Airlift Wing 11/04/2016
ULA Schedules DigitalGlobe WorldView-4 Satellite Flight for Nov. 11 11/04/2016
Reports: DoD Issues $6.1B 'Unilateral Contract Action' on 9th Lockheed F-35 Production Batch 11/03/2016
Lockheed Delivers C-5M Super Galaxy Airlifter to USAF 11/03/2016
NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Releases Asteroid Redirect Mission Spacecraft RFP 11/03/2016
Turkey to Acquire Second Batch of Lockheed-Built F-35 Jets 11/02/2016
Air Force Picks Applied Defense Solutions Team for Space Data Contract; Tom Kubancik Comments 11/01/2016
EaglePicher to Supply Power Source for Lockheed-Built NASA Solar System Study Spacecraft 11/01/2016
Lockheed to Sustain Air Force F-22 Jets Under $536M Contract Modification 11/01/2016
Cobham to Supply Waveguide Components for Lockheed Maritime Radar System 11/01/2016
Turkey Moves to Buy Second Lockheed F-35 Batch 11/01/2016
Navy to Test 7 Lockheed-Built F-35B Aircraft Aboard USS America Warship 11/01/2016
Raytheon Vet David Trulio Joins Lockheed’s Intl Arm in VP Role; John Rood Comments 10/31/2016
Lockheed's Sikorsky Arm to Give Smithsonian X2 Demo Aircraft 10/31/2016
BAE Taps Magellan Aerospace for F-35 Horizontal Tails Production; Phillip Underwood Comments 10/28/2016
Space News: Air Force Verifies Weather Satellite Break Up in Orbit 10/25/2016
Navy Sec. Ray Mabus Meets With LCS Sailors, Shipbuilders at Marinette Shipyard 10/25/2016
Kitron to Produce Integrated Backplane Assembly for Lockheed's LRIP Lot 11 F-35s 10/25/2016
Sikorsky Unit Named Exclusive Distributor of Arkwin Aircraft Components Outside US, Japan 10/25/2016
Lockheed Martin Eyes Hill AFB as Location for Ground Based Strategic Deterrent PMO 10/24/2016
Lockheed Subcontracts Ultra Electronics Subsidiary for MK 48 Torpedo Array Nose Assemblies 10/24/2016
Navy Commissions 7th LCS Ship, 4th Lockheed Team-Built Freedom Variant 10/24/2016
Rob Weiss: Lockheed Eyes Early Delivery for Air Force T-X Trainer Jet Program 10/24/2016
Marine Corps Puts Sikorsky CH-53K Helicopter Through Operational Test 10/21/2016
Lockheed to Establish ICBM Replacement Program Mgmt Office at Northern Utah AF Base 10/21/2016
Nick Szechenyi: Japan Requests $51B Defense Budget for Fiscal 2017 10/21/2016
AMMROC Implements Juniper's Network Mgmt, Security Platforms 10/20/2016
Lockheed's NY Facility Adopts Lithium Energy Storage System; Frank Armijo Comments 10/20/2016
Reuters: Japan Eyes $1B Ballistic Missile Defense Investment in Response to North Korea’s Rocket Tests 10/19/2016
Australian Navy Officers Complete 2-Month Aegis Combat Systems Training; Terry Morrison Comments 10/19/2016
Air Force's Lockheed-Built F-35As Slated to Resume Flights by End of 2016 10/18/2016
Breaking Defense: Air Force's F-35 Flight Operations to Resume by Year's End 10/17/2016
Lockheed Martin Opens IT Service Center in Puerto Rico 10/14/2016
Lockheed's Canada Arm to Sponsor Joint Economic Development Initiative Mentorship Program 10/14/2016
Air Force Taps Lockheed for Gap-Filler Radar FMS Contract With Jordan 10/14/2016
Lockheed Unveils New IT Support Facility in Puerto Rico; Anne Mullins Comments 10/13/2016
Report: Lockheed-MBDA-Leonardo Team Bids for Germany’s Medium Extended Air Defense System Program 10/12/2016
Lockheed Martin's Sikorsky Unit Eyes Poland's Military Transport Helicopter Buy 10/12/2016
Marine Corps to Pair Units for F-35B Fighter Jet Training Exercise; Robert Walsh Comments 10/12/2016
Lockheed, University of Nevada Form Space Exploration Partnership; Scott Jones Comments 10/12/2016
Lockheed-Built Air Force Satellite Takes New Mission With NSF's South Pole Station 10/12/2016
Lockheed-CoGen Team to Build UK Bioenergy Facility 10/12/2016
Report: Labor Union OKs Sikorsky Helicopter Production Plan in Connecticut 10/11/2016
DigitalGlobe Eyes Late October-Early November Launch Window for WorldView-4 10/11/2016
DigitalGlobe Targets WorldView-4 Satellite Launch for Late October-Early November Window 10/10/2016
Rockwell Collins to Repair Display Units on Army Black Hawk Helicopters 10/06/2016
NOAA Sets Nov. 4 Launch Date for 1st Next-Generation Geostationary Weather Satellite 10/05/2016
Germany Eyes Lockheed Martin Military Transport Plane Purchase 10/05/2016
Singapore Eyes Potential 2030s Buy of Lockheed Martin-Built F-35 10/04/2016
Defense News: Singapore Mulls F-35 Procurement in 2030 10/03/2016
Tiffany Nesbit, Douglas Sandklev Take VP Roles at Elbit Systems' US Arm; Raanan Horowitz Comments 10/03/2016
Connecticut Legislature OKs $220M Incentive Package for Lockheed’s Sikorsky Subsidiary 09/30/2016
Australia Picks Lockheed to Provide Combat System for Future Submarines 09/30/2016
Lockheed Martin Supplies Updated Tactical Missile System to Army 09/29/2016
Lockheed to Integrate Combat System on Future Australia Submarine Fleet 09/29/2016
Navy Picks TEGAM Bond Test System for Ship, Aircraft Maintenance Efforts 09/29/2016
Lockheed Demos Marlin, Vector Hawk Unmanned Vehicles at Navy Tech Exercise 09/28/2016
ULA Launches Atlas V Attachment Bracket Design Challenge; Tory Bruno Comments 09/27/2016
Lockheed Martin Rolls Out Japan's 1st F-35A Jet 09/27/2016
Lockheed Subcontracts General Atomics for Li-ion Batteries on USSOCOM Dry Combat Submersibles 09/26/2016
Three Wire Systems Appoints Serena Bliss as Chief Information Security Officer 09/26/2016
Lockheed’s Sikorsky Lands $232M Navy Contract Modification for CH-53K Test Demo Helicopters 09/26/2016
Cobham to Supply RF Microelectronics for Lockheed's F-35; Jill Kale Comments 09/23/2016
General Atomics Lands Lockheed Subcontract for Li-ion Batteries on USSOCOM Submersibles 09/23/2016
Defense News: US, India Near Close of Javelin Missile Joint Production Deal 09/22/2016
Sikorsky to Open New S-92 Helicopter Forward Stocking Location in Scotland 09/22/2016
Air Force to Begin Repairs on Grounded F-35 Jets; Christopher Bogdan Comments 09/21/2016
Lockheed Unveils Bioenergy Facility in New York 09/21/2016
Lockheed Signs Agreement to Retain Sikorsky HQ, Build CH-53K Helicopter in Connecticut; Dan Schulz Comments 09/21/2016
ULA to Launch DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 Satellite on Sept. 26 09/21/2016
Lockheed Opens Bioenergy Plant in New York to Generate Electricity From Waste 09/21/2016
Lockheed to Produce More Paveway II Bomb Kits for Air Force; Joe Serra Comments 09/20/2016
ULA Reschedules DigitalGlobe WorldView-4 Satellite Launch to Sept. 26 09/20/2016
Lockheed-Tata JV Completes 50th C-130J Empennage Assembly Delivery; S. Ramadorai Comments 09/20/2016
Lockheed Awarded NASA Solar Observatory Support Extension; Bart De Pontieu Comments 09/20/2016
Lockheed Martin Expands F-16 Supply Chain Services With Derco Repair Services 09/19/2016
Lockheed Announces Flight Suspension for 15 F-35A Due to Coolant Tube Insulation Issue 09/19/2016
Wiener Kernisan Promoted as President of Arianespace US Subsidiary; Stephane Israel Comments 09/19/2016
Lockheed Martin-Led Team Unveils 13th LCS USS Wichita 09/19/2016
Lockheed Postpones Initial Delivery of Air Force GPS III Satellites to December 09/16/2016
Lockheed Martin to Launch DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 Satellite on Sept. 16 09/15/2016
Reports: Lockheed Delays 1st Air Force GPS III Satellite Delivery to December Due to Navigation Payload Issue 09/15/2016
Lockheed Martin Designates Derco as F-16 ‘Hologram’ Repair Center; Laura Frank Comments 09/15/2016
Navy, Marine Corps Demo Lockheed's F-35, Aegis Weapon System in Live Missile Fire Test 09/14/2016
Navy Submarine Launches Lockheed-Built Ballistic Missile to Certify Crew, Weapon System 09/14/2016
DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 Earth Imaging Satellite Ready for Friday Liftoff 09/14/2016
Lockheed Martin Opens Defense, Security Programs to Polish Industry 09/09/2016
Navy to Commission USS Montgomery Independence-Class LCS; Ray Mabus Comments 09/09/2016
Lockheed Concludes Encapsulation Work on DigitalGlobe WorldView-4 Earth Imaging Satellite 09/09/2016
Lockheed-Built OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Lifts Off for Asteroid Sampling Mission 09/09/2016
MEADS, Polish State-Owned Firm to Explore Air Defense Cooperation; Tom Oles Comments 09/09/2016
State-Owned Defense Firm in Poland to Participate in Lockheed Martin Defense Programs 09/08/2016
NASA Clears Lockheed-Built OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft for Sept. 8 Launch 09/08/2016
Wisconsin Business Group Gets $500K Grant to Clean Up Property for Maritime Facility 09/07/2016
Lockheed Hands 2,000th Air Force JASSM Missile; Jason Denney Comments 09/07/2016
Lockheed Receives Navy Delivery Order to Develop, Maintain Presidential Helicopter Avionics 09/07/2016
Lockheed Martin Unveils Sports Scholarship Program for Injured, Disabled Veterans 09/07/2016
NASA OKs Sept. 8 Launch for Lockheed-Built OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft After Launch Readiness Review 09/07/2016
NASA OKs May 2018 Launch Date for Lockheed-Built InSight Mars Lander 09/06/2016
Lockheed, Warsaw University of Technology Partner to Demo UAV Optimization Tools 09/06/2016
Hybrid Enterprises, Straightline Aviation, PRL Logistics Form Partnership to Bring Lockheed's Hybrid Airships to Alaska, Canada 09/02/2016
Lockheed-Raytheon JV, Tata Power Partner to Develop Anti-Armor Missile System 09/01/2016
Aerojet Rocketdyne Conducts Test on Jettison Motor for NASA Orion Spacecraft 09/01/2016
NASA to Launch Lockheed-Built Spacecraft for Asteroid Sample Return Mission 09/01/2016
Lockheed Awarded $114M Hubble Space Telescope Support Extension 09/01/2016
Lockheed Taps Microsemi to Produce Master Reference Oscillator for Air Force Infrared Satellites 08/31/2016
L-3 to Produce Electro-Optical IR Turrets for Middle East Country's UH-60 Fleet 08/31/2016
Lockheed-Raytheon JV, Tata Power Intend to Jointly Build Anti-Armor Missile System 08/31/2016
Lockheed Martin Provides Heat Shield for Orion Crew Module 08/30/2016
Air Force's 100th F-35 Arrives at Luke Air Force Base 08/30/2016
NASA Receives Lockheed-Built Heat Shield for Orion EM-1 Spacecraft 08/29/2016
NNSA Picks Lockheed Subsidiary for $5B Follow-On Nevada Natl Security Site Operations Contract 08/29/2016
ULA Eyes Reusable 2nd Stage for Future Rocket to Support Orbital Activities 08/29/2016
Lockheed Delivers 50th Super Hercules Tanker to Marine Corps 08/26/2016
Lockheed, University of Colorado Partner on RF Tech Education Programs 08/26/2016
Lockheed Eyes Move to India for F-16 Manufacturing Base 08/25/2016
Bloomberg: Lockheed Looks to Build F-16 Manufacturing Base in India 08/24/2016
Navy Selects Lockheed-Developed Open Architecture Combat Mgmt System for Frigate Ships 08/24/2016
Lockheed Relocates NOAA Geostationary Weather Satellite to Florida Space Operations Facility 08/24/2016
Air Force to Conduct Chemical, Biological Decontamination Tests on F-35 08/24/2016
Lockheed-Built Asteroid Sampling Spacecraft to Launch in September 08/23/2016
Air Force Wraps Up Weapons Delivery Tests on Lockheed’s F-35; Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan Comments 08/23/2016
NASA Schedules Launch of Lockheed's Asteroid Sampling Spacecraft on Sept. 8 08/22/2016
Inventor David Findley Gets US Patent for 3D Printing-Based Diamond Formation Process 08/22/2016
Lockheed Martin Unveils Pilot Training Facility for T-50A Trainer Aircraft 08/18/2016
USS George Washington Hosts F-35C Test Pilots to Complete Dev't Testing 08/18/2016
Lockheed to Integrate Cambridge Pixel Software Into UK's Naval Surveillance Radar System 08/18/2016
MBDA to Provide Infrared Guided Missiles for UK's F-35s Under Estimated $239M Contract 08/17/2016
Lockheed Martin Opens Advanced T-50A Pilot Training Facility in South Carolina 08/17/2016
Lockheed Martin Ships Another MC-130J Combat Transport Aircraft to Air Force 08/16/2016
Lockheed-Led Team Dispatches 7th LCS to Navy 08/16/2016
Lockheed to Equip US, Japan, South Korea Destroyers with New Aegis Baseline; Jim Sheridan Comments 08/16/2016
Lockheed Martin, Discovery Education Launch Next Phase of STEM Initiative for Middle Schoolers 08/15/2016
Raytheon Partners With Air Force, Navy to Test-Fire 3 Sidewinder Missiles From F-35 08/12/2016
Lockheed-Elbit Team Eyes Contract on UK Challenger 2 Tank Life Extension Project 08/12/2016
Research and Markets: Border Security Applications to Dominate $25B Radar Security Market by 2022 08/12/2016
Lockheed's Advanced Technology Center Develops Microcryocooler for IR Sensing Applications 08/11/2016
Lockheed to Deploy Lunar Imaging CubeSat With 2018 NASA Orion Mission 08/10/2016
Lockheed, UAE Space Agency, Mubadala Unveil Aerospace Workforce Training Program; Nabil Azar Comments 08/10/2016
Lockheed, NASA Ink Lunar Imaging CubeSat Deployment Deal; James Russell Comments 08/09/2016
Lockheed Ships 'Space Based Infrared System' GEO 3 Satellite for Launch Prep 08/09/2016
Lockheed Martin Completes 2 Flight Tests on Laser-Guided Munitions 08/09/2016
Air Force to Complete F-35 Ejector Seat Equipment Modification Tests in September 08/09/2016
Lockheed Martin to Feature F-35 at Abbotsford Airshow in Canada 08/08/2016
Lockheed Adopts New Name for Former Mission Systems & Training Unit 08/08/2016
Lockheed Transports Missile Warning Satellite to Cape Canaveral AF Station; David Sheridan Comments 08/08/2016
Sikorsky's Colombia Facility to Support Black Hawk Operators in Mexico 08/05/2016
Lockheed Eyes $15B Export Potential for 'Made in India' F-16 Jets 08/05/2016
Lockheed Rebrands Mission Systems & Training Business Area; Dale Bennett Comments 08/05/2016
Lockheed to Produce Airborne Sensor Spares for Navy’s Super Hornet Fleet 08/05/2016
Lockheed-Built F-35A Achieves Initial Operational Capability 08/04/2016
Navy Explores Options to Continue MUOS-5 Satellite Transfer Process 08/03/2016
Gen. Hawk Carlisle: Lockheed-Built F-35A Reaches Initial Operational Capability 08/03/2016
Lockheed, Air Force Complete First F-35 Air-to-Air Kill on Drone; Maj. Raven LeClair Comments 08/02/2016
Air Force Adds Full-Rate Production Options to 3D Long-Range Radar Solicitation 08/02/2016
Lockheed Picks Australia for 1st Overseas Research Center; Raydon Gates Comments 08/01/2016
Defense News: Air Force Completes F-35 IOC Prep Work 07/29/2016
UTC's Vehicle Assessment Tool Seeks to Evaluate USAF C-5 Aircraft Sensors Under Flight Trials 07/29/2016
DigitalGlobe Adds 2 Potential Int'l Defense Customers for WorldView-4 Satellite Capacity 07/29/2016
Lockheed Completes Australia MH-60R Seahawk Delivery Under Navy Foreign Military Sales Deal 07/29/2016
Navy Awards Lockheed Potential $68M IDIQ to Update MH-60R Radar Systems 07/29/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed, Sandia Lab Bid Partners Aim for Partnerships, Talent, Small Biz Growth 07/28/2016
Lockheed Delivers 30th Merlin Mk2 Helicopter to UK Military 07/28/2016
Sakor to Supply AC Dynamometers for Lockheed's Aerospace Project Tests 07/28/2016
Lockheed Gets Navy Approval for IED Countermeasure System 07/27/2016
Lockheed, Allied Minds Subsidiary to Seek RF Detection Tech Applications in New Markets 07/27/2016
Lockheed-KAI Team Test Flies Second T-50A Trainer Aircraft; Doug Batista Comments 07/27/2016
Air National Guard Tests Lockheed-Built Laser Guided Training Rounds With F-16 Aircraft 07/27/2016
Greece, Lockheed, HAI Start P-3B Maritime Patrol Aircraft Modernization Program 07/26/2016
Lockheed, 3 Universities Team Up to Chase Sandia Labs Mgmt Recompete Contract; Rick Ambrose Comments 07/26/2016
Lockheed Completes VH-92A Presidential Helicopter Design Review; Spencer Elani Comments 07/26/2016
LifePort's Transport Litter System Receives FAA Performance Standard Approval 07/26/2016
Air Force Links Loss of Defense Weather Satellite to Command & Control System Power Failure 07/26/2016
Lockheed, Pilatus Aircraft Complete PC-21 Aircraft Initial Production Test Flight 07/25/2016
Lockheed Partners With 2 Universities to Support Qata's Cybersecurity Efforts 07/25/2016
Sandia Labs Bioengineers Use Synthetic DNA to Store, Encrypt Data 07/25/2016
Lockheed, Submergence Group Partner for USSOCOM Combat Submersible Production; Erika Marshall Comments 07/22/2016
Lockheed Conducts Surface-Launched Anti-Ship Missile Test 07/22/2016
Lockheed Gets Manufacturing Leadership Council Awards; Joe Rappisi Comments 07/21/2016
Lockheed Donates $1M to Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans & Military Families; Greg Larioni Comments 07/20/2016
Air Force Designates Navy’s Carrier UAV as MQ-25A Stingray 07/19/2016
Lockheed Eyes Further Share Count Cut Via Leidos Transaction, to Use Cash Dividend for Stock Buyback 07/19/2016
Lockheed-Led Team Holds Keel-Laying Ceremony for Navy's 17th LCS 07/19/2016
Lockheed Tests Turret Sensor System on UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter 07/15/2016
Gen. Hawk Carlisle: Air Force Could Deploy F-35 Soon After IOC Declaration 07/15/2016
Lockheed Nears Test Completion on DigitalGlobe's WorldView-4 Earth Imaging Satellite 07/14/2016
Lockheed Martin Delivers 14 Sniper Advanced Targeting Pods to Netherlands 07/14/2016
Sikorsky Opens Forward Stocking Location for Helicopter Parts in Australia 07/14/2016
Lockheed, Terma Make Deal for More F-35 Component Production Biz Opportunities 07/14/2016
Lockheed Eyes 300 Jobs With Space Tech Processing Operations Expansion in Florida 07/14/2016
Mike Dignam Named CRDF Global President, CEO 07/14/2016
Lockheed to Expand Space Tech Processing Operations in Florida, Add Up to 300 Jobs 07/13/2016
Reuters: Lockheed Eyes New MBDA Proposal on Potential $5B German Missile Defense System 07/13/2016
Air Force Orders $99M in Lockheed Targeting Pods for 10 Foreign Govt Clients 07/13/2016
UTC to Integrate Sensor Tech Into Air Force ISR System; Kevin Raftery Comments 07/12/2016
Blue Coat’s Michael Fey to Join Symantec as President, COO; Dan Schulman Comments 07/12/2016
MBDA-Led Consortium to Demo Laser Capacity for UK Military 07/11/2016
Germany’s Potential $4.5B Missile Defense Deal With Lockheed-MBDA Team Faces Possible Delay 07/11/2016
Reports: Gen. Hawk Carlisle Eyes IOC for F-35A Within August-December Window 07/11/2016
UK Defense Ministry Picks Airbus Data Security Offering for F-35; Phil Jones Comments 07/11/2016
Navy Awards Lockheed, Pratt & Whitney Lot 10 F-35 Equipment, F135 Propulsion System Contracts 07/08/2016
Weekly Roundup July 5 – July 8 2016: Lockheed’s Hand in NASA’s Jupiter Journey & more 07/08/2016
US, South Korea to Deploy THAAD Missile Defense System on Peninsula 07/08/2016
Lockheed Picks Triumph Group to Supply F-35 Engine, Structural Components 07/08/2016
Lockheed Gets $504M Contract Extension on In-Service Support for Canada's C-130J Fleet 07/08/2016
Rockwell Collins to Deliver Black Hawk Simulator to Mexico's Navy; Alan Prowse Comments 07/08/2016
Two Lockheed-Built F-35Bs Cleared to Perform at Upcoming Air Shows 07/07/2016
Lockheed to Provide Flight Data Mgmt System Under $344M FAA Contract 07/07/2016
Harris Supports Deep Space Network for NASA's Juno Mission 07/07/2016
CAE Secures $77M in Aircraft Maintenance, Training Support Contracts; Gene Colabatistto Comments 07/07/2016
Harris Delivers Comms, Connectivity Services to Support NASA Juno Mission on Jupiter 07/06/2016
Research and Markets: Global Security Robots Market to Hit $2.36B by 2022 07/06/2016
Lockheed to Extend Support for Canada's Victoria-Class Submarine Fire Control Tech 07/06/2016
NEOS Partners With Lockheed to Develop Sensor for Aerial Natural Resource Detection 07/06/2016
Lockheed-Built Juno Spacecraft Reaches Orbit Around Jupiter; Guy Beutelschies Comments 07/05/2016
NASA to Commence Bennu Asteroid Study Mission With Lockheed Spacecraft; Kevin Walsh Comments 06/30/2016
Defense News: UK Agency Teams With BAE, Northrop for F-35 Support Hub Bid 06/30/2016
Johns Hopkins APL’s Instrument Aboard Lockheed-Built Spacecraft Seeks to Study Jupiter’s Aurora Formation 06/30/2016
Lockheed's Sandia Subsidiary to Receive Energy Tech Project Funds From DOE 06/30/2016
2nd Marine Corps Attack Squadron to Transition to Lockheed’s F-35Bs 06/29/2016
Rear Adm. Charles Richard: Navy, Lockheed Start Torpedo Prototype Development Work 06/28/2016
Austal USA Delivers 'Montgomery' Littoral Combat Ship to Navy 06/28/2016
Georgia Tech Purchases Marietta Real Estate from Lockheed 06/28/2016
Lockheed to Provide UAE Space Agency Training Program 06/27/2016
Navy Launches Lockheed-Built MUOS-5 to Complete Communications Satellite Constellation; Mark Woempner Comments 06/27/2016
AAP: Raytheon Selected for $218M Australia Test Range System Update Contract 06/27/2016
Ilene Gordon Joins Lockheed Board of Directors 06/24/2016
Fifth Lockheed-Built MUOS Satellite Set to Launch Friday; Mark Woempner Comments 06/23/2016
Lockheed Martin Starts Construction on Training Center for Hercules Pilots, Crew 06/22/2016
Chris Moran Named Lockheed Martin Ventures Executive Director, GM 06/22/2016
Neustar to Split In Two Independent Companies 06/21/2016
Lockheed Eyes Int’l Defense Market for Radar Tech Project With Australian Agency 06/20/2016
Report: Lockheed, Australian Defense S&T Agency Partner for 'Over-the-Horizon' Radar Devt 06/17/2016
Sikorsky, Turkey Enter Agreements to Produce 109 Black Hawk-Based Utility Helicopters 06/17/2016
Denmark Takes in 3 Sikorsky Seahawk Multimission Helicopters 06/16/2016
June 16 Market Close: GovCon Index Pares Losses in PM Trade, Markets Hedge on UK EU Exit Vote 06/16/2016
Dynetics Designs New Guided Bomb With Larger Warhead for SOCOM 06/15/2016
Lockheed Completes Encapsulation Work on Navy MUOS-5 Satellite; Mark Woempner Comments 06/15/2016
CACI Wins Potential $446M Air Force Satellite Control Net Consolidation Contract 06/14/2016
Lockheed, Interset Aim to Offer Analytics-Based Insider Threat Detection Platform for Commercial Clients 06/14/2016
Lockheed Funds Initiative to House Homeless Veterans in Santa Clara 06/10/2016
Lockheed's Rick Ambrose Talks Space Industry Outlook at Atlantic Council Event 06/09/2016
Sikorsky to Support Turkey's $3.5B T70 Utility Helicopter Production Program 06/09/2016
Denmark to Move Forward on $3B F-35 Purchase 06/09/2016
British Air Force Concludes F-35B Tanker Tests 06/08/2016
German Defense Ministry Seeks C-130 Alliance with Partner Nations 06/07/2016
June 6 Morning Report: GovCon Index Posts Narrow Friday Gain on May Jobs Data 06/06/2016
Lockheed EVP Rick Ambrose to Speak at Atlantic Council's 'Captains of Industry Series' 06/06/2016
Air Force, Lockheed Ink Multiyear C-130J Aircraft Production Deal 06/06/2016
Thomson Reuters Government Conference to be Held on June 9th 06/06/2016
Lockheed, MBDA Seek German Parliamentary Approval for MEADS Deal by Year's End 06/03/2016
June 3 Market Close: GovCon Index Holds Marginally Up Against US Stock Declines 06/03/2016
Steve O’Bryan: Lockheed Aims to Include Weapons, Combat Training in Sikorsky’s Helicopter Bid in Poland 06/02/2016
Reuters: Lockheed-MBDA Team Hopes to Close Germany MEADS Deal By 2016's End 06/02/2016
Lockheed Martin Completes Review of Satellites for Saudi Arabia; Carl Marchetto Comments 06/01/2016
Lockheed-Run Sandia Labs Welcome 1st Women to Veteran Career Development Program 06/01/2016
Lockheed Extends Avcorp's Composite F-35 Panels Fabrication Contract 06/01/2016
Sandia Labs’ Program Aims to Offer Career Opportunities for Battlefield-Injured Military Personnel 05/31/2016
Lockheed to Continue Development, Tests on Japan's Aegis Computer Systems 05/31/2016
Lockheed to Integrate Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile Into Navy, AF Aircraft for Continued Tests 05/27/2016
Report: Babcock to Include Raytheon Tech in Laser Directed-Energy Weapon Offering for U.K. 05/26/2016
Sevatec Appoints Anantha Bangalore CTO 05/24/2016
Lockheed Transports Asteroid Sampling Spacecraft to NASA for Launch Preparations 05/24/2016
Defense News: Lockheed's Lorraine Martin Discusses ALIS Integration to AF F-35A Units 05/23/2016
Airbus Secures Potential $728M Subcontract to Support UK Military Training Program 05/20/2016
Lockheed Eyes On-Orbit Re-Programmability for Air Force GPS III Satellites 05/20/2016
Lockheed Martin to Introduce 'Mars Base Camp' Concept 05/20/2016
Tony Antonelli: Lockheed’s Base Camp Concept Seeks to Send Manned Spacecraft to Mars Orbit by 2028 05/19/2016
Navy Eyes MH-60 Helicopter Service Extension Through 2035; Craig Grubb Comments 05/19/2016
Lockheed to Refresh Mission Systems of Germany's P-3C Maritime Patrol Aircraft 05/19/2016
Lockheed Picks Anark Software to Produce 3D Technical Data Packages for Orion Spacecraft; Richard Smith Comments 05/18/2016
Lockheed to Install Compass Systems on UK Navy Ships, Submarines 05/17/2016
BAE Systems Conducts 1,000th F-35 Vertical Landing 05/16/2016
Lockheed, MIT Form Autonomous Tech Research Partnership; Keoki Jackson Comments 05/16/2016
Navy Delivers 3 Sikorsky-Built Seahawk Choppers to Denmark 05/16/2016
Lockheed Delivers 2 C-130J Variants to Coast Guard, Air Force 05/13/2016
Wired: Pentagon Gives Israel Nod to Custom Fit F-35 05/13/2016
Navy Transports 1st Seahawk Helicopters to Denmark 05/13/2016
Denmark Eyes $3B Purchase of 27 Lockheed Martin F-35s 05/13/2016
Lockheed Picks Saab Optronic Sensors for Canadian Navy's Fire Control Directors 05/11/2016
Lockheed Picks GP Strategies as Learning Services Partner 05/11/2016
Lockheed-Developed FTC ID Theft Recovery Website Gets ACT-IAC Award; Scott Gray Comments 05/09/2016
Lockheed Enters Investment Partnership on STEM Curriculum for Denver Public Schools 05/09/2016
Lockheed-Run Sandia Lab to Oversee DOE SunShot Initiative Regional Test Centers 05/06/2016
Lockheed Develops Disaster Response Portal Based on DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery 05/05/2016
Lockheed-Run Sandia Lab Gets DOE Contract Renewal to Manage Regional Test Centers 05/05/2016
Rob Weiss: Lockheed Seeks to Further Nuclear Fusion Reactor Development Project 05/04/2016
FTC-Lockheed Identity Theft Recovery Website Gets ACT-IAC Award; Scott Gray Comments 05/04/2016
Lockheed's Sikorsky Unit Completes Combat Rescue Air Vehicle Preliminary Design Review 05/04/2016
Sikorsky Completes Combat Rescue Helicopter Air Vehicle Preliminary Design Review 05/03/2016
Lockheed Gets $1B Contract Modification for Lot 11 US Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force F-35s 05/03/2016
Lockheed, South Korean Firm Enter Combat Ship Market Partnership 05/02/2016
Lockheed's Rick Ambrose: Defense-Industry System Convergence to Drive Future Space Investments 04/28/2016
Defense News: Christopher Bogdan Says F-35 Software Issue Fixed 04/27/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Seeks Commercial, Defense Systems Convergence for Govt Space Efforts 04/26/2016
15 Executives Complete NIST Baldridge Executive Fellows Program 04/26/2016
Lockheed Gets $74M Contract Modification for Japan F-35A Production Materials 04/25/2016
Michel Potvin Named Platform President of Esterline's Canadian Avionics Systems Business 04/21/2016
Lockheed Opens Ottawa Tech R&D, Demo Center; Rosemary Chapdelaine Comments 04/20/2016
House Subcommittee Looks to Revive F-22 Production 04/20/2016
Lockheed Begins Wing Production of LM-100J Freighter Aircraft; George Shultz Comments 04/19/2016
Lockheed’s Tom Stanton to Present at Defense Industry Conference in UAE 04/19/2016
Lockheed Unveils Online Education Program Focused on Deep Space Exploration 04/19/2016
Avcorp Receives F-35 Outboard Wing Order From Lockheed 04/18/2016
Lockheed to Support College of Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia 04/18/2016
Lockheed, Partners to Open Entrepreneurship College in Saudi Arabia 04/15/2016
Navy Orders Additional Laser-Guided Training Rounds From Lockheed 04/15/2016
UTC Subsidiary Awards F135 Engine Component Manufacturing Contracts to 4 Italian Aerospace Suppliers 04/12/2016
ULA, Bigelow Aerospace to Collaborate on Habitable Volume Devt; Robert Bigelow, Tory Bruno Comment 04/12/2016
BAE Awards $117M Subcontract to Balfour Beatty for F-35 Facilities Construction in UK 04/11/2016
Lockheed Awards BAE $166M to Build Facilities for UK’s Future F-35 Fleet 04/11/2016
Lockheed, NASA Complete Test on Webb Telescope Infrared Camera 04/11/2016
L-3 COO Chris Kubasik Joins The Wings Club Foundation Board of Governors 04/08/2016
Lockheed Awards $166.3M to BAE for F-35 Engineering & Training Facilities 04/08/2016
Technavio Predicts Global Radar Systems & Technology Market CAGR of 3% by 2020 04/07/2016
Northrop Bids for Follow-On GPS III Spacecraft, Payload Development 04/07/2016
Newsminer: Air Force to Allocate $533M for Eielson F-35 Facilities Construction 04/07/2016
CAE to Deliver C-130J Fuselage Trainer for Australia's Air Force 04/07/2016
Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Mini-Missile Interceptor for Army 04/06/2016
Sandia Lab, CFRTA Sign Partnership Agreement for Emergency Planning Concepts Development 04/04/2016
Lockheed-Jacobs-Serco JV to Operate UK Atomic Weapons Establishments 04/01/2016
Kitron to Build IF Receiver Tech for Northrop's F-35 Radars 03/31/2016
Lockheed-Serco-Jacobs JV Lands Updated UK Atomic Weapons Establishment Mgmt Support Contract 03/31/2016
Lockheed Reseller Partner Gets Straightline Aviation LOI to Purchase Hybrid Airships for $480M 03/31/2016
Lockheed Commits to Airbus Engine MRO Contract With Frontier Airlines 03/31/2016
Lockheed Resumes Missile System Production in Arkansas; Ken Musculus Comments 03/30/2016
Lockheed Initiates Aegis Integration Aboard Australian Navy Destroyer 03/30/2016
Microsemi Products Support Lockheed-Built Ballistic Missiles in Navy Test Flights 03/29/2016
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Hires New Strategy, Business Dev't VP; Rick Ambrose Comments 03/29/2016
BAE Lands $75M Combat ID Tech Support IDIQ With US Navy, Int'l Clients 03/29/2016
Lockheed Lands Forecast Tools Supply Contract With Oman Airports Mgmt Co 03/29/2016
Lockheed Unveils 'Space Fence' Radar Hardware, Software Testing Hub in New Jersey 03/28/2016
Lockheed Unveils Updated Production Line for MK 41 Missile Launching System 03/28/2016
Bloomberg: Navy Eyes BAE for Nuclear Weapon Cyber Defense Contract 03/28/2016
Custom Market Insights Forecasts Military Drone Market Growth at $11B by 2021 03/24/2016
Reuters: Japan Meets With Western Defense Contractors for New Fighter Jet Program 03/24/2016
Lockheed Unit to Provide Claims Processing Support to VA; Horace Blackman Comments 03/24/2016
Kay Sears Named Lockheed Space Systems VP for Strategy & Business Devt; Rick Ambrose Comments 03/23/2016
Lockheed Martin Eyes Move of Some F-16 Production Work to India 03/23/2016
Lockheed-Built Missiles With 3D-Printed Components Complete Navy Test Flights 03/22/2016
Lockheed's Rick Ambrose: 1st GPS III Satellite to be Completed August 03/22/2016
Research and Markets: 51% CAGR for Exoskeleton Robots Market By 2020 03/21/2016
Sikorsky Completes Flight Test of Second CH-53K Helicopter for Marine Corps 03/21/2016
3D-Printed Lockheed Martin Trident Missile Components Complete Test Flights 03/21/2016
Lockheed Seeks Reduced Satellite Dev't Time, Costs With 3D Printing; Rick Ambrose Comments 03/18/2016
Skot Butler to Succeed Kay Sears as Intelsat General President; Stephen Spengler Comments 03/18/2016
Lockheed's Systems Made Simple Lands VA Claims Processing Task Order; Horace Blackman Comments 03/18/2016
Lockheed Martin Lands $197.6M Navy Aegis Combat System Engineering Contract 03/18/2016
ViON Subsidiary Ascolta Names Brad Cox Chief Data Scientist, Clint Green CTO 03/18/2016
Textron Continues Support for Lockheed's Production of Navy Aircraft Testing System 03/17/2016
Lockheed and Air Force Named Aviation Week Laureate Awardee for Auto ACAS 03/17/2016
Lockheed Martin, Concord Blue Begin Power Plant Construction in Germany; Mo Vargas Comments 03/16/2016
Lockheed Wraps Up Energy Business Integration; Frank Armijo Comments 03/16/2016
Saudi Air Force Receives Two Lockheed-Built Super Hercules Refuelers 03/15/2016
Lockheed, Boeing JV Assigns $134M for Vulcan Rocket Devt; Rick Ambrose Comments 03/14/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed-Boeing Team Seeks 'Prudent' Approach to Vulcan Rocket Development 03/11/2016
Craig Johnston: Lockheed Sees Hybrid Airship Prototype as Cargo Vehicle 03/11/2016
Lockheed to Provide $131M Management Services to U.S. Navy 03/11/2016
Lockheed, ORBCOMM Form IoT Satellite Connectivity Partnership; Dave Markham Comments 03/11/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Eyes August Completion of 1st Air Force GPS III Satellite 03/10/2016
NASA Shifts Mars InSight Mission Launch Date to May 2018; John Grunsfeld Comments 03/10/2016
Lockheed Delivers 5th Navy MUOS Satellite Ahead of May Launch 03/10/2016
Lockheed Names 2 C130J Roll-On/Roll-Off Mission System Design Competition Winners in India; Abhay Paranjape Comments 03/10/2016
BAE to Provide Missile Warning, 'Friend or Foe' Systems for Sikorsky Combat Rescue Helicopter 03/10/2016
Lockheed Lands Potential $131M Contract for Navy Aviation Tires Mgmt 03/10/2016
DOE: Sandia Labs Seeks Collaboration with Counter-UAS Equipment Vendors 03/10/2016
ULA Vet Scott Ward to Join Aerojet Rocketdyne as Engineering VP 03/09/2016
Craig Cooning: ULA Backs Development of 2 RD-180 Engine Replacement Options 03/09/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Eyes Reduced Costs Through 3D Printing, Shortened Satellite Devt Time 03/08/2016
Lockheed Martin, Partners to Support Initial Design Phase for NASA's New X-Plane 03/02/2016
Lockheed-Led Team Lands NASA Supersonic Transport Plane Task Order; Charles Bolden Comments 03/01/2016
Lockheed Martin, Cybereason Team Up to Launch New Endpoint Cybersecurity Tech 03/01/2016
Lockheed Martin Adds LogRhythm to Cybersecurity Alliance 03/01/2016
Lockheed Martin to Prepare for Potential Int'l F-35 Block Buy 02/29/2016
Lockheed Martin Updates Navy's Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems 02/26/2016
Lockheed to Work on Navy Submarine Combat System Interface Redesign 02/25/2016
Lockheed';s Sikorsky Unit, Taqnia Eye Black Hawk Production in Saudi Arabia 02/25/2016
Sikorsky, Taqnia Forge Helicopter Production Alliance in Saudi Arabia; Ali Al-Ghamdi, Alan Chinoda Comment 02/24/2016
Vermont Air National Guard Graduates First F-35 Airman; Laura Caputo Comments 02/24/2016
Research and Markets: Command-and-Control Systems Market to Hit $16B by 2020 02/24/2016
Lockheed to Produce Radars for Romania; Mark Mekker Comments 02/23/2016
Report: Turkey Eyes MEADS Missile Defense System Procurement 02/22/2016
CAE Reaches Deal to Buy Lockheed Commercial Aviation Training Business 02/22/2016
Ulrich Finkenbusch Appointed to Head Lockheed's German Arm 02/18/2016
Former Lockheed Exec Howard Ruddell Now Social & Scientific Systems Corporate Devt EVP 02/18/2016
Lockheed Authorizes AAMSI to Support P-3 Operators 02/18/2016
Sikorsky Selects UI Helicopter as South Korea Customer Support Center; Christophe Nurit Comments 02/17/2016
Paul Meyer Named Seabury Global Aerospace & Defense COO 02/17/2016
Lockheed Expands STEM Program to Singapore; Doug Greenlaw Comments 02/16/2016
Lockheed Awarded $142M FMS Contract for Greece P-3B Aircraft Upgrade Services 02/12/2016
Oshkosh to Continue JLTV Work, Federal Claims Court Denies Lockheed's Injunction Request 02/12/2016
CAE to Proceed With MH-60 Training System Tech Refresh; Ray Duquette Comments 02/10/2016
MBDA's ASRAAM Missile to Integrate With UK's Lockheed-Built F-35Bs 02/10/2016
Bill Johnston Joins Grant Thornton as Advisory Managing Director; Rich LaFleur Comments 02/09/2016
Anti-Interference Radar Developed by Serco, Lockheed Martin Now Fully Operational 02/09/2016
MBDA Begins Air-to-Air Missile Delivery for UK's F-35 Fleet 02/09/2016
February 8 Morning Report: GovCon Index Returns to Correction; Jobs Report Boosts US Dollar 02/08/2016
Serco-Lockheed Team Helps UK Build Wind Turbine-Radar Interference Mitigation Tech 02/08/2016
February 5 Market Close: GovCon Index Tumbles 1%, S&P Down 2% on Tech Losses & Jobs Data 02/05/2016
Lockheed CFO Bruce Tanner Chosen to 2016 Wash100 for M&A Transaction, Financial Results Leadership 02/04/2016
Lockheed Martin to Build New S-Band Satellite Based on A2100 02/04/2016
Lockheed Receives Satellite Order from SKY Perfect JSAT; Carl Marchetto Comments 02/03/2016
BAE Systems Taps AMI Metals for Aluminum Plates on F-35, Hawk, Typhoon 02/03/2016
Lockheed Martin Christens Freedom-Class LCS USS Sioux City 02/02/2016
Lockheed Inks Solar Power Purchase Deal with Duke Energy Renewables 02/02/2016
Lockheed Debuts New Navy Littoral Combat Ship; Joe North Comments 02/01/2016
Lockheed Martin Lands $63M UK Naval Vigilance Radar Contract 02/01/2016
Lockheed, UK Air Traffic Mgmt Firm Partner on Aviation Systems Integration 02/01/2016
James Williamson: Lockheed Enters Tech Partnership With British Air Traffic Mgmt Firm 01/29/2016
Lockheed, AEC Open 1st Overseas Sniper ATP Support Center 01/29/2016
Visiongain: Military Unmanned Maritime Vehicles Market to See Increased Demand Through 2026 01/25/2016
Lockheed Gets $100M IRS Submission Processing System Update Contract 01/20/2016
Investment Firm Platinum Equity Inks Deal to Buy PAE 01/19/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Martin-Built GPS III Satellite Concludes Thermal Vacuum Test 01/15/2016
ExxonMobil Taps Lockheed to Support Automation System Devt; Paula Hartley, Vijay Swarup Comment 01/15/2016
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Completes GPS III Satellite Thermal Vacuum Test 01/14/2016
Aviogei Hands 1st F-35 Heavyweight Crane to Lockheed; Mary Ann Horter Comments 01/14/2016
Lockheed Taps Northrop to Provide Satellite Bus Inertial Measurement Unit 01/14/2016
NOAA Receives 2nd Lockheed-Built Lightning Mapper for GOES-S Weather Satellite 01/13/2016
Lockheed, Blue Earth Partner on NY Energy Savings Project 01/13/2016
Lockheed Picks Northrop to Supply Inertial Measurement Unit for Satellite Bus 01/13/2016
Lockheed Martin Builds First of 33 F-35A Jets for Israel 01/12/2016
Lockheed-Built Aegis Combat System Baseline Gets Certification From Navy, MDA; Jim Sheridan Comments 01/12/2016
Joe North: Lockheed Seeks Continued Navy Combat Ship Production Through 2020s 01/12/2016
Lockheed Begins Final Assembly of Israel's 1st F-35 Jet 01/11/2016
Lockheed, Partners to Support UK's C-130J Through 2022 Under $545M Contract 01/05/2016
January 5 Market Close: GovCon Index Rides Afternoon Surge to 1% Gain in Volatile Trade 01/05/2016
Defense News: Pakistan In Talks With US Over F-16 Procurement Deal 01/04/2016
Ray Duquette: Technology, Mission Rehearsal Key in CAE's Flight Simulation Programs 01/04/2016
Lockheed Awarded C-130J Modifications Under $5B Air Force Contract 01/04/2016
Rick Ambrose on Lockheed's Commercial Satellite Portfolio Push 07/17/2015
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Eyes Commercial Satellite Business Growth 07/16/2015
WEEKLY ROUNDUP JULY 6 – JULY 10 2015 07/13/2015
Lockheed Opens Denver Satellite Sensing, Comms Tech Development Hub; Rick Ambrose Comments 07/07/2015
Jill Hruby to Head Sandia Nat'l Labs; Rick Ambrose Comments 06/23/2015
Lockheed's Rick Ambrose: ULA Eyes Russian Rocket Engine Ban Waiver 06/16/2015
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed-Boeing JV Seeks US Approval for Russian Rocket Engine Purchase 06/15/2015
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Eyes 3D Printing of Satellite Components 06/08/2015
Rick Ambrose: 3D Printing Tech Helps Lockheed Shorten Satellite Development Cycle 06/05/2015
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Seeks to Inspire STEM with Aerospace Learning Center 05/14/2015
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Martin Space Education Center Aims to Encourage STEM Learning 05/13/2015
Lockheed's Rick Ambrose, Orion Space Systems Team Earn Wash100 Recognition 03/13/2015
Rick Ambrose, Lockheed Space Systems President, Named to Wash100 for Orion Program Leadership 01/23/2015
Rick Ambrose: New Lockheed Commercial Space HQ in Denver Eyes Industry Support 10/30/2014
Rick Ambrose: New Lockheed Martin COE to Offer Design-to-Production Work on Optical Systems 09/11/2014
Lockheed, EOS Subsidiary Forge Space-Tracking Service Partnership; Rick Ambrose Comments 08/26/2014
Lockheed Martin Opens Tech Office in England; Rick Ambrose Comments 07/21/2014
Rick Ambrose: Lockheed Aims to Speed Up Satellite Development With 3D Printing Tech 05/20/2014