Raytheon CEO Thomas Kennedy Named to 2018 Wash100 for his Leadership in Establishing Strategic Cyber Partners

Executive Mosaic is honored to introduce Thomas Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of Raytheon, as an inductee into the 2018 edition of the Wash100 — Executive Mosaic’s annual selection of influential leaders in the government contracting arena — for his leadership in enhancing cybersecurity awareness and establishing strategic cyber partners.

Kennedy was appointed to lead the Waltham, Mass.-based defense contractor in March 2014 after serving as executive vice president and chief operating officer. He joined Raytheon in 1983 and has held various roles at the company.

At an Aerospace Industry Association event last year, Kennedy said that the Defense Department and the private sector should work together to address cyber vulnerabilities in military systems and to develop future cybersecurity professionals.

“Cybersecurity is becoming more and more of an important issue,” said Kennedy, who is also vice chairman of the AIA. “It’s a matter of national security and the safety of our infrastructure and our warfighters [is at stake].”

In May 2017, Raytheon entered into an agreement with the state-owned Saudi Arabia Military Industries Company to partner on defense projects and technology development initiatives. The agreement also involves the establishment of the Raytheon Arabia business unit that will produce indigenous defense, aerospace and security platforms.

“We do not compete against companies; we compete against countries,” Kennedy said in a call to investors last July.

Raytheon announced second-quarter earnings of $6.28 billion in July 2017, which Kennedy credited to the Trump administration’s efforts to bolster international opportunities for the U.S. defense industry. The focus on readiness, he suggests, has a strong potential to drive growth for the company.

“We have an administration now that is significantly supporting international work for the domestic U.S. industry and that has opened several doors for us,” said Kennedy. “[Readiness] puts a significant demand signal on our missile systems, our sensors and precision munitions across the board.”

During his time at the helm, Kennedy has greatly expanded Raytheon’s cyber portfolio. In April 2017, the U.S. Air Force Material Command awarded Raytheon a $375 million, six-year contract to modernize and update its space weapons software in order to improve air and space command and control operations. Last November, Raytheon partnered with MetTel in a $50 billion, 15-year contract to protect government and commercial networks against expanding cybersecurity threats, like those that attack IoT devices. The company also joined with Pivotal in December to accelerate software development and cloud migration for the DoD, and recently created a cyber virtual classroom in support of the Persistent Cyber Training Environment initiative.

Executive Mosaic congratulates Thomas Kennedy and the Raytheon team for their selection to receive this award.

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About The Wash100
This year represents our fifth annual Wash100 award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic’s organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, reliability, achievement and vision.

About The Wash100

This year represents our fifth annual Wash100 award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic's organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, achievement, and vision.

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Report: Japan’s 2018 Defense Budget Includes $1.2B for Ballistic Missile Defense 12/22/2017
Alion Science-Led Team to Help Air Force Analyze Fleet Sustainability Challenges 12/21/2017
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Raytheon Produces Initial Small Diameter Bomb II Batch; Mike Jarrett Comments 12/14/2017
Alion Science-Led Team Bids on Canadian Frigate Construction Program 12/11/2017
Raytheon Missile Systems Plant Earns DSS ‘Superior’ Security Score 12/08/2017
TEST DRAFT Raytheon Opens UAE-based Business 12/07/2017
DSS Gives Raytheon ‘Superior’ Security Rating for Missile Systems Plant 12/07/2017
Air Force Tests Raytheon-Built Military GPS Receiver Tech 12/06/2017
Raytheon-Led Team to Build Superconducting Computing Tech for IARPA Program 12/06/2017
Andrew Ivers Named L3 Corporate SVP, Comms System Business President 11/30/2017
Report: Japan Eyes Stand-Off Cruise Missile Devt 11/27/2017
Raytheon to Provide Cybersecurity Support for MetTel Networks; John DeSimone Comments 11/21/2017
AWD Alliance Commences Sea Trials of Australia’s 2nd Hobart-Class Destroyer 11/21/2017
Raytheon-Built Ground System, Space Sensor Tech to Aid JPSS-1 Weather Satellite Mission 11/20/2017
Launch of NOAA’s New Weather Satellite Postponed to Saturday 11/17/2017
Contracting Vet Michelle Adams Joins Research Innovations as Contracts, Supply Chain VP 11/17/2017
Raytheon’s Thomas Kennedy: Threats Target Nat’l Defense, Infrastructure Amid Increased Connectivity 11/13/2017
Raytheon to Help Update Saab Weapon Systems for US, Coalition Infantry 11/13/2017
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Raytheon to Support Risk Mitigation Efforts for Australia’s $1.5B Air Defense Project 11/09/2017
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Navy OKs SBIR Program to Mature RDRTec Sense and Avoid Radar for Triton UAS 10/26/2017
Melanie Hagerty Promoted to VP Role at Cubic 10/26/2017
Caltech Opens Autonomous Tech Research Hub 10/25/2017
L3 Unit to Provide Laser Rangefinders for Raytheon’s Multi-Spectral Targeting System 10/25/2017
L3 Gets Navy Laser Rangefinder Supply Contract 10/24/2017
Raytheon’s New Engineering Facility in NM to Support Telemetry Systems Manufacturing 10/18/2017
Raytheon Unveils New Mexico Engineering Hub for Range Monitoring, Telemetry Systems 10/17/2017
Raytheon’s Joint Standoff Weapon C-1 Variant Deployed to Navy After FOC Designation 10/16/2017
Navy Declares Full Operational Capability for Raytheon’s Joint Standoff Weapon C-1 Variant 10/13/2017
Raytheon Picked as Payload Provider for WorldView Legion Satellite Constellation 10/12/2017
Raytheon to Build Imaging Payload for DigitalGlobe WorldView Legion Satellites 10/11/2017
Raytheon Demos Air Defense Missile System With Army Ground Combat Vehicle 10/10/2017
Raytheon Aims to Help Address Army Readiness Objectives With Tech; Kim Ernzen Comments 10/09/2017
Todd Ernst to Succeed Michael Cody as Raytheon Corporate Devt VP 10/06/2017
Australia Govt Unveils Collins-Class Submarine Sustainment Projects 10/05/2017
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Raytheon Tests Air & Missile Defense Radar Against Multiple Targets 09/25/2017
Raytheon Selects Curtiss-Wright to Produce Sonar Winch System for Navy LCS 09/22/2017
Raytheon’s Thomas Kennedy: DoD-Industry Collaboration Essential to Address Cyber Threats 09/20/2017
Raytheon Wins $269M NOAA Recompete for Weather Forecasting System Support 09/18/2017
Raytheon BBN to Produce Wearable Shooter Detection Systems for Gulf Country 09/15/2017
Raytheon Taps Ducommun to Produce Fire Control Components for Long-Range Missile Tech 09/11/2017
Navy Tests Raytheon-Built Air & Missile Defense Radar 09/11/2017
General Atomics Expands Industry Team to Address Australian RPA Requirement 09/08/2017
General Atomics Adds 5 Industry Partners to Team Reaper Australia 09/07/2017
Raytheon to Develop Incremental Software for Air Force AIM-120D Missiles 09/07/2017
Technavio: Military Submarine Mast & Antenna Market to Grow at Nearly 6% CAGR Through 2021 09/05/2017
Raytheon Exec Stephen Doran Named CEO of UK Compound Semiconductor R&D Center 09/05/2017
Forcepoint Buys Analytics Firm RedOwl in Human-Focused Security Push 08/30/2017
Report: Federal Govt Faces Backlog of 700K Security Clearance Applications 08/29/2017
Raytheon Opens Defense Customer Engagement Hub in Australia 08/28/2017
Hughes' Rick Lober a Panelist at UK MilSatCom Conference in November 08/25/2017
Kratos Helps Navy Test Air & Missile Defense Radar Against Ballistic Missile Target 08/22/2017
Raytheon's Thomas Kennedy: State-Sponsored IP Theft Affects US Defense Industry 08/21/2017
Raytheon Demos AN/SPY-6 Radar in 2nd Ballistic Missile Flight Test 08/16/2017
Raytheon, Navy Add 4,000th Tomahawk Block IV Missile to Naval Fleet 08/16/2017
Raytheon Eyes Expansion & Job Creation in Albuquerque, New Mexico 08/15/2017
Report: Raytheon to Expand Operations, Create 60 Manufacturing Jobs in New Mexico 08/14/2017
Raytheon’s Thomas Kennedy: Trump Administration Opens Growth Opportunities for Defense Industry 08/07/2017
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Dave Dacquino, Chairman and CEO of Serco NA 08/02/2017
Ralph Acaba Named Raytheon Program Mgmt Excellence VP; Thomas Kennedy Comments 07/31/2017
Raytheon Virtual SOC to Utilize Automated Cyber Incident Response Tool 07/27/2017
Raytheon to Integrate CyberSponse Platform With Managed Security Service 07/26/2017
Air Force Orders $78M in Raytheon IFF Transponders, Equipment 07/10/2017
US, Poland Sign Memorandum for Potential Sale of Raytheon-Built Patriot System 07/07/2017
Poland Obtains US Approval to Buy Raytheon Patriot Missile Systems 07/06/2017
State Dept OKs $1.3B in Surveillance Radar Maintenance, Missile Purchase Requests from Taiwan 07/03/2017
Raytheon Teams With Kongsberg to Offer Missile for Navy OTH Requirement 06/23/2017
Raytheon-Kongsberg Team to Propose Missile Tech for Navy LCS, Frigate Warships 06/22/2017
Raytheon Interceptor Missile Undergoes Land-Based Test; Mike Campisi Comments 06/21/2017
Raytheon, USAF Test Small Diameter Bomb II Via Wind Tunnel 06/20/2017
NASA Awards Raytheon Potential $155M Neural Buoyancy Lab Support Contract 06/15/2017
Tech Industry Vet Praveen Asthana Joins Forcepoint as Chief Marketing Officer 06/06/2017
Raytheon Orders Anaren Beamforming Assemblies for Navy Air & Missile Defense Radar 05/31/2017
Raytheon Awarded Potential $300M Navy Contract to Develop LCS Sonar Tech 05/23/2017
Raytheon-Built GEO 6 Payload for FAA Navigation System Launched Into Orbit 05/23/2017
Raytheon Eyes Defense Tech Development, Capability Building in Saudi Arabia 05/23/2017
Raytheon Enters Defense Tech Partnership With State-Owned Firm in Saudi Arabia 05/22/2017
Sierra Nevada-Embraer Team to Join Air Force Light Attack Aircraft Demo 05/16/2017
IBM, Raytheon BBN Study Quantum Computing Advantage 05/05/2017
IBM-Raytheon BBN Team Shows Quantum Algorithm Advantage Over Traditional Computers 05/04/2017
Raytheon to Continue Air, Missile Defense Radar Production Under $327M Navy Contract Modification 05/02/2017
Raytheon Execs Tom Vecchiolla, Caroline Cooper Talk Business Opportunities in Romania 05/02/2017
Thomas Vecchiolla: Raytheon Eyes New Business Prospects in Romania 05/01/2017
Raytheon SM-6 Missile Completes 4 Navy Flight Tests to Prep for FOC 05/01/2017
Raytheon, Navy Review Air Surveillance Radar Design 04/27/2017
Raytheon Expands NM Missile Parts Production & Storage Facility With New Warehouse 04/26/2017
Raytheon Opens Missile Tech Warehouse on Navajo Nation 04/25/2017
Report: Romania Eyes Raytheon-Built Patriot Missiles for Integrated Air Defense System 04/21/2017
Raytheon to Refresh AMRAAM Guidance Under $65M Air Force Contract Option 04/17/2017
General Atomics Tests Reaper Integration With Raytheon-Made Radar Warning Receiver 04/12/2017
General Atomics Demos Raytheon-Built Radar Warning Receiver on Predator B Drone; Claudio Pereida Comments 04/11/2017
Raytheon Picked for Australia’s $1.5B Contract to Build Ground Air Defense Platform 04/10/2017
Report: Navy Seeks to Add Anti-Air Warfare Capability to Future Frigates 04/10/2017
Raytheon Evaluates Electric Gun for Phalanx Close-In Weapon System 04/05/2017
Poland Eyes Potential $7B Deal for Raytheon’s Patriot Missile Defense Batteries by November 04/04/2017
Raytheon Demos AN/SPY-6 Radar Capacity at Ballistic Missile Defense Exercise in Hawaii 04/03/2017
Report: Former Unicredit CEO Alessandro Profumo to Succeed Mauro Moretti as Leonardo CEO 03/20/2017
Forcepoint to Hold Cybersecurity Leadership Forum in April 03/16/2017
Navy Selects Raytheon to Develop Networking Tech for Sensor Interconnectivity 03/15/2017
Report: India's Navy Eyes $1.5B Procurement of Short-Range Surface-to-Air Missile Systems 03/09/2017
Raytheon, Air Force Test GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System on Decoy Jammer Aircraft 03/02/2017
Raytheon, Air Force Test Updated Navigation System for MALD-J Flight Vehicle 03/01/2017
General Atomics Forms Reaper RPA Industry Team in Australia 02/27/2017
Ed Hammersla Succeeds Scott DePasquale as Utilidata CEO 02/22/2017
Leonardo’s DRS Subsidiary to Lead New Air Force Trainer Contract Pursuit Team 02/09/2017
Thomas Kennedy, Raytheon CEO, Chosen to 2017 Wash100 for Cyber Market Pursuit Leadership 02/09/2017
Raytheon, Air Force Update AMRAAM Signal Processor in Push to Extend Missile Production 02/02/2017
Raytheon, Air Force Partner to Update Missile Signal Processor Tech 02/01/2017
Raytheon Gets Air Force Contract Modification for Lot 3 Small Diameter Bomb II Production 01/31/2017
NASA, Industry Team Resume James Webb Space Telescope Vibration Tests 01/27/2017
Raytheon Tests James Webb Telescope’s Flight Operations System 01/26/2017
Former Raytheon Cyber Exec Brian Stites Named MSi Business Devt VP 01/23/2017
Retired Navy Adm. James Winnefeld Joins Raytheon Board; Thomas Kennedy Comments 01/19/2017
Report: Defense Companies Expect Surge in European Arms Spending 01/19/2017
RapidSOS Appoints Former Raytheon Chair, CEO William Swanson to Advisory Board 01/13/2017
Former Raytheon CEO William Swanson Named to RapidSOS Advisory Board 01/12/2017
Raytheon, Navy Put Tomahawk Block IV Cruise Missile Through 2 Flight Tests 01/12/2017
DoD OKs Sale of Raytheon SM-6 Missile Tech to International Customers 01/11/2017
Raytheon Gets Navy Airborne Targeting System Order Modification 01/11/2017
Raytheon Secures $600M Intl Patriot Missile Defense System Upgrade Contract 12/29/2016
Raytheon Secures $63M Encryption Devices Supply Contract from Navy 12/23/2016
Raytheon Selects Triumph Electromechanical Tech for Navy’s Next Generation Jammer 12/22/2016
Raytheon Lands $63M Navy Contract to Produce Tactical Data Encryption Tech; John Droge Comments 12/22/2016
Air Force Taps Raytheon to Demonstrate New SATCOM Tech to Link Users with Military Personnel 12/22/2016
Navy Tests Raytheon-Built Guided Missiles; Taylor Lawrence Comments 12/20/2016
Air Force Selects Raytheon to Update F-16 Mission Computer System 12/20/2016
Raytheon to Update Air Force’s F-16 Mission Computer System 12/19/2016
Raytheon Lands $225M Patriot Missile Defense Contract; Ralph Acaba Comments 11/29/2016
Raytheon Demos Cyber, Electromagnetic Battle Mgmt Tool; Frank Pietryka Comments 11/29/2016
Raytheon, U-Mass Receive Funds to Develop Flexible Manufacturing Process 11/28/2016
Raytheon, U-Mass Center Receive Flexible Electronics Manufacturing Grant 11/23/2016
Raytheon Plans to Expand Southern Arizona Missile Systems Business 11/22/2016
Raytheon to Expand Missile Systems Business Operations in Arizona, Add Nearly 2K Jobs 11/21/2016
PAE VP Darryle Conway to Bring Contingency Ops Background to ISAO Board 11/21/2016
Charles River Analytics-Led Team to Develop Automated Cyber Attack Prediction System for IARPA 11/17/2016
PAE Business Devt VP Darryle Conway Elected to International Stability Operations Association Board 11/17/2016
Poland Mulls Naval Strike Missile Procurement from Kongsberg 11/07/2016
Kristin Machacek Leary Joins Forcepoint as VP, Chief HR Officer; Matthew Moynahan Comments 11/02/2016
Raytheon Finishes Renovation of Indianapolis Systems Modernization, Sustainment Facility 10/31/2016
L-3 Signals More Acquisitions This Year, CACI & Raytheon Pivot to Organic Growth Focus 10/28/2016
Raytheon Completes Indianapolis Hub Renovation 10/28/2016
UK Air Force Awards Raytheon $159M Contract Extension for Surveillance Aircraft Support Services 10/28/2016
Raytheon Lifts Guidance as 3Q Earnings Top Street; L-3's 2017 Outlook Below Analyst Consensus 10/27/2016
Raytheon Eyes T-100 Production Facility in Mississippi for Air Force Trainer Jet Program; Rick Yuse Comments 10/25/2016
Rockwell Collins to Build Landing Guidance Subsystems Under $67M Deal With Raytheon 10/21/2016
Raytheon Eyes Further Collaboration With Estonian Defense Industry as New EDIA Member 10/20/2016
Raytheon Gets ATCA Award for Work in Air Traffic Control Modernization 10/19/2016
Raytheon Joins Defense Trade Org in Estonia; John Harris Comments 10/19/2016
Raytheon Receives 2016 Industrial Award for Air Traffic System Modernization Efforts 10/18/2016
Air Force, Raytheon to Continue GPS Operational Control System Modernization Work 10/17/2016
Raytheon Tests Software of GPS III Ground Control Segment 10/14/2016
Raytheon Conducts Risk Reduction Functional Tests on Air Force's GPS Ground Control Segment 10/13/2016
Raytheon to Provide Interface Upgrade for Netherlands' Integrated Air & Missile Defense System 10/06/2016
Report: Raytheon Plans to Market New Medium-Range Missile to International Clients 10/06/2016
Raytheon, Logos Form Multi-Intell Sensor Tech Partnership; Fred Darlington Comments 10/06/2016
John Martinez Receives Executive Mosaic's Top General Counsel Executives Award 10/06/2016
Pwnie Express Adds Former Raytheon CEO William Swanson to Board of Directors; Paul Paget Comments 10/06/2016
Raytheon, Norway's Military Conduct Flight Test on New AMRAAM Variant; Taylor Lawrence Comments 10/05/2016
Bill Turk, Taylor Johnson Join SOSi’s Legal Team; Brian Geoghegan Comments 10/04/2016
Raytheon's SM-6 Hits Target in Longest-Range Surface-to-Air Intercept 10/04/2016
CEO Thomas Kennedy Talks Raytheon’s Expansion Into Commercial Cyber Market 10/04/2016
Raytheon SM-6 Conducts Navy's Longest Range Surface-to-Air Intercept 10/03/2016
Raytheon Taps CPI Aero to Provide Components for Navy Jammer Pods 09/29/2016
Australia's 1st Hobart-Class Air Warfare Destroyer Completes Initial At-Sea Tests 09/27/2016
Raytheon Adds Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal to Board of Directors 09/27/2016
Harman International CEO Dinesh Paliwal Joins Raytheon Board 09/26/2016
Kurt Amend Named Raytheon Saudi Arabia Operations President; Thomas Vecchiolla Comments 09/23/2016
U.S., India Near Joint Production Deal for Javelin Missile Tech 09/23/2016
Kurt Amend to Lead Raytheon's Saudi Arabia Operations; Thomas Vecchiolla Comments 09/22/2016
UTC to Continue Support for Air Force's Raytheon-Operated ISR Data Collection Platform 09/16/2016
Raytheon to Build Display & Targeting System for Marine Corps Abrams Tanks 09/14/2016
Poland to Acquire Raytheon's Patriot Integrated Air & Missile Defense System 09/07/2016
Former Cubic Exec Bill Toti Named HPE Defense, Homeland Security VP 09/06/2016
Raytheon, Navy Update Sonar to Identify Undersea Mines 08/31/2016
Raytheon, Navy Collaborate to Update Mine-Hunting Sonar Tech; Paul Ferraro Comments 08/30/2016
Quanergy to Integrate Raytheon BBN’s Human Tracker Software With LiDAR Sensors; Louay Eldada Comments 08/30/2016
Forcepoint, Ponemon Institute Survey Points to Insider Threat Growth 08/26/2016
Forcepoint-Ponemon Institute Study: IT Operations & Security Managers Predict Insider Threat Growth 08/25/2016
Raytheon to Manufacture Naval Strike Missile Launchers at Kentucky Facility 08/18/2016
Raytheon's Anti-Ship Defense System on USS Carney Completes 1st Navy Fire Test 08/17/2016
Raytheon Informs Army of Company's Vision for NextGen Air & Missile Defense Radar Tech 08/16/2016
Raytheon to Provide Navy Satcom Terminal Engineering Support 08/10/2016
Christopher Cambria Named Mercury Systems SVP, General Counsel & Secretary 08/03/2016
Raytheon Gets NSA Certification for Ethernet Encryption Tool; John Droge Comments 07/27/2016
John Koziol: L-3 Eyes US Military Allies as Potential Spydr II Aircraft Buyers 07/21/2016
Raytheon-Kongsberg Partnership Plans US Hub for Naval Strike Missile, Launcher Production 07/13/2016
General Atomics to Equip Reaper Drone With Raytheon-Built Radar Detection System 07/11/2016
Raytheon, USAF Conduct Latest Flight Tests on Small Diameter Bomb II 07/11/2016
Leonardo-Finmeccanica Unveils Dual Role Version of M-346 Trainer Aircraft 07/11/2016
Raytheon Lands Contract to Demo EW Upgrades for Air Force Decoy Missile 07/11/2016
Raytheon to Integrate Radar Detection Tool With General Atomics Predator B; Linden Blue Comments 07/08/2016
Raytheon Hands Air, Missile Defense Radar Array to US Navy; Tad Dickenson Comments 07/07/2016
Reuters: Poland Nears Completion of Potential $5B Raytheon Missile Defense System Contract 07/05/2016
Raytheon, Thales Restructure JV to Focus on NATO C2, Missile Defense Systems 07/05/2016
June 27 Morning Report: Raytheon Lone Gainer as GovCon Index Drops After Brexit Vote 06/27/2016
Raytheon Tests GPS OCX Black Wide Area Network; Bill Sullivan Comments 06/27/2016
Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility Receives New Raytheon Air Defense Radar 06/24/2016
R&D Coalition Develops Modification to Address Radar Performance and Wind Turbine Impact 06/24/2016
Navy Adds Raytheon-Built Joint Standoff Weapon Tech to Fleet; Jaime Engdahl Comments 06/22/2016
Raytheon Systems and Technologies Undergo Performance Tests as USS Zumwalt Completes Trials 06/20/2016
Raytheon's GPS OCX System Passes Air Force Qualification Test, Design Review 06/16/2016
Australian Military Selects Raytheon Weapon Sight Systems; Cameron Perry Comments 06/14/2016
Raytheon-Ponemon Survey: Majority of Companies Wait for Cyber Damage to Find Security Vendors 06/07/2016
Raytheon Wins $250M Marine Corps Ground Equipment Logistics Contract 06/01/2016
Thomas Bussing: Raytheon, UVision Aim to Offer US Army Small Loitering Airborne Tech 05/27/2016
Raytheon Delivers Pulse Power Containers for Navy's Future Railgun 05/24/2016
Raytheon Begins Turnover of Railgun Pulse Power Containers to Navy; Colin Whelan Comments 05/23/2016
Raytheon Picks 2 Female College Students to Receive Cybersecurity Scholarship Funds 05/23/2016
Raytheon SeaRAM Missile Defense System Undergoes Navy Tests 05/18/2016
Vernon Joyner Joins Ensco as National Security Solutions Division Manager; Boris Nejikovsky Comments 05/06/2016
Raytheon Creates UAS Directorate to Support Small UAS Production 05/05/2016
AUVSI Adds Woolpert SVP Jeff Lovin to Board of Directors 05/04/2016
Raytheon Awarded $90M Air Force Contract for Multi-Spectral Sensor Platform 04/29/2016
Raytheon Posts 9% Sales Jump in 1Q on Missile Sales, Lifts Full-Year Earnings Outlook Despite 1Q Profit Decline 04/28/2016
Raytheon-Vista JV Forcepoint Appoints Matthew Moynahan as CEO 04/28/2016
Raytheon to Puchase Ultra Electronics Ruggedized Networking Switch for Patriot System 04/15/2016
Navy to Deploy Raytheon Precision-Guided Missiles for Anti-Islamic State Campaign 04/15/2016
Raytheon to Help Redesign NSF’s Online Networking, Research Lab; Mark Berman Comments 04/04/2016
Defense News: Raytheon-DRS Team to Help Army Build FLIR Sensors Under $154M Contract 04/01/2016
Raytheon Gets Indian Gov't Order for 245 Stinger Missiles 03/31/2016
Raytheon Lands $573M Contract Modification from Air Force for AMRAAM Production and System Items 03/18/2016
Raytheon Conducts Multiple Interceptor Test on Patriot With PDB-8 Update 03/18/2016
Raytheon Develops New Software for Weapons Integration on Legacy Aircraft 03/17/2016
Raytheon to Supply Remote Weapon Stations for Canadian Navy’s Frigates 03/17/2016
Raytheon to Exhibit New Patriot System Radar Tech at Army Trade Expo 03/14/2016
Raytheon, Navy Test SM-6 for Surface-to-Surface Target Engagement 03/09/2016
Raytheon Demos Standard Missile-6 Surface Target Engagement 03/08/2016
Raytheon-Al Marakeb JV to Focus on Unmanned Surface Vehicle Production; Chris Davis Comments 03/07/2016
Scout Warrior: Navy Expects Raytheon’s Air-Launched Weapon to Achieve IOC by March 03/07/2016
Raytheon to Integrate Speech Recognition Tech Into Entrada’s Mobile Health IT Platform 02/23/2016
Raytheon to Provide 464 Excalibur Ib Missiles to Army 02/18/2016
Bill Toti, Cubic Global Defense President, Chosen to Wash100 for Int'l Defense Market Vision 02/17/2016
Navy Puts Raytheon’s Gliding Weapon Through Initial Operational Test 02/16/2016
Tom Vecchiolla, Raytheon Int'l President, Named to 2016 Wash100 for Cyber & Tech Collaboration Leadership 02/16/2016
Raytheon-Built Systems on Zumwalt-Class Destroyer Complete At-Sea Trials 02/11/2016
Raytheon Awarded $135M to Update FAA Air Traffic Control Systems at 22 Airports 02/05/2016
Karl Jensen Joins CH2M as SVP, Federal Portfolio Lead 02/04/2016
Raytheon to Integrate GaN-Based Radar Tech Into Patriot Missile System; Ralph Acaba Comments 02/02/2016
Raytheon Secures $564M Modification on Joint Polar Satellite Radiometer Contract 01/29/2016
Raytheon Forecasts Higher Sales, Earnings in 2016 as 2015 & 4Q Profit Beat Street Estimate 01/28/2016
Tiffanny Gates Joins Novetta as Federal Division President; Peter LaMontagne Comments 01/21/2016
NOAA to Deploy Raytheon-Built UAS to Track Atlantic Hurricanes 01/21/2016
Raytheon Demos Anti-Ship Missile Defense for Navy; Rick Nelson Comments 01/12/2016
Erik Smith Appointed CEO for Saab's US Defense, Security Business 01/12/2016
NAVSEA Awards Raytheon $143M Airframe Missile Production, Testing Contract 01/06/2016
Raytheon to Support Navy’s Phalanx Weapon Systems With Engineering, Technical Services 01/05/2016
Raytheon's Thomas Kennedy: CEOs Should Review Company Cyber Strategies 09/24/2015
Wesley Kremer Named Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems President; Thomas Kennedy Comments 07/31/2015
BMC Software CEO Robert Beauchamp Joins Raytheon Board; Thomas Kennedy Comments 07/24/2015
Thomas Kennedy: Raytheon-Websense JV to Offer Cyber Defense Tools for Commercial Sector 06/01/2015
Kevin DaSilva Succeeds Richard Goglia as Raytheon Treasury VP; Thomas Kennedy Comments 05/15/2015
Thomas Kennedy: Raytheon, Websense Eye Cybersecurity Tech Integration Through JV 04/20/2015
Letitia Long Joins Raytheon’s Board of Directors; Thomas Kennedy Comments 03/23/2015
Frank Jimenez Joins Raytheon as General Counsel; Thomas Kennedy Comments 01/20/2015
Jay Stephens to Depart Role as Raytheon SVP, General Counsel; Thomas Kennedy Comments 12/18/2014
Randa Newsome to Succeed Keith Peden as Raytheon HR, Security VP; Thomas Kennedy Comments 11/21/2014
Thomas Kennedy Named Raytheon Board Chairman; Adm. Vern Clark Comments 07/28/2014
Thomas Kennedy to Become Raytheon CEO March 31; William Swanson to Retire 01/15/2014