DARPA Director Steven Walker Named to 2018 Wash100 for Program Management Leadership

Executive Mosaic is honored to introduce Steven Walker, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, as an inductee into the 2018 edition of the Wash100 — Executive Mosaic’s annual selection of influential leaders in the government contracting arena–for effective program management in the public sector.

Walker was assigned DARPA director in November 2017 after holding the position on an interim basis beginning January 2017.

He has more than 30 years of public sector experience, including 13 years of service at DARPA in roles such as deputy director, director of the Tactical Technology Office, deputy director of TTO and program manager.

In 2015, Walker said that DARPA seeks to cut the price of weapons and other military equipment by rethinking “complex military systems.”

These military systems can be broken down into smaller platforms that can use technologies such as artificial intelligence to adapt to unforeseen threats, Walker stated during a roundtable session in 2016.

DARPA also develops technologies to boost space situational awareness, including the Space Surveillance Telescope that the agency transitioned to the U.S. Air Force.

Walker noted that the transfer of SST is part of DARPA’s commitment to “make those early pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.”

The DARPA director said during a forum at Harvard University in March 2017 that DARPA works to attract talents through its mission even if the industry can offer higher paying jobs.

“They’re willing to take less money to work at a place that is that dedicated to getting job done,” Walker noted.

He also added that people who come to work for DARPA want to contribute ideas that they cannot develop elsewhere.

Executive Mosaic congratulates Steven Walker and the DARPA team for their selection to receive this award.

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About The Wash100
This year represents our fifth annual Wash100 award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic’s organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, reliability, achievement, and vision.

About The Wash100

This year represents our fifth annual Wash100 award selection. The Wash100 is the premier group of private and public sector leaders selected by Executive Mosaic's organizational and editorial leadership as the most influential leaders in the GovCon sector. These leaders demonstrate skills in leadership, innovation, achievement, and vision.

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Johns Hopkins APL to Help DARPA Assess Social Science Methods for Ground Truths 05/18/2018
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DARPA Taps SRI International to Develop Adaptive AI System 05/17/2018
Polaris Alpha to Work With Raytheon BBN-Led Team to Support DARPA AI Development Efforts 05/16/2018
White House Forms New Select Committee to Coordinate Federal AI R&D Initiatives 05/11/2018
DARPA Tests Multi-UAS Hard Dock, Recovery System 05/10/2018
DARPA Picks University Research Teams for Lifelong Learning Machines Program 05/04/2018
Charles River Analytics to Develop Space Data Analysis Tool Under DARPA Program 05/03/2018
BAE Works With AFRL, DARPA to Build AI-Powered Platform for Battle Comms 05/01/2018
BAE Advances Battle Management Software Development Project With DARPA, AFRL 04/30/2018
DARPA Seeks New Tools, Concepts to Secure DoD Space Systems, Satellites 04/30/2018
Raytheon to Help Navy Develop Maritime Surveillance, Targeting Platform 04/27/2018
Aurora Flight Sciences, DARPA Agree on X-Plane Tech’s Commercial Transition 04/27/2018
Sea Hunter Anti-Submarine Vessel Joins Naval Fleet; Nevin Carr Comments 04/27/2018
Ball Aerospace Completes Second Testbed Assessment Under DARPA’s Hallmark Program 04/27/2018
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Kratos to Back Dynetics in Third Phase of DARPA ‘Gremlins’ UAV Contract 04/19/2018
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DARPA Aims to Accelerate Zero-Day Threat Detection Via Computer-Human Collaboration Tech Program 04/19/2018
Dynetics Enters Phase 3 of DARPA’s UAV Aerial Launch & Recovery Program 04/18/2018
DARPA awards autonomous cybersecurity research contracts to STR, Arizona State University 04/12/2018
Orbital ATK explodes partial 3D-printed warhead for hypersonic applications 04/11/2018
DARPA to Kick Off Potential $1.5B Electronics Resurgence Initiative at ERI Summit 04/09/2018
Report: DARPA Plans ViaSat Radio Purchase for Tactical Undersea Network Architectures Program 04/06/2018
BAE’s Software Testing Platform Completes 2 Test Events Under DARPA’s Hallmark Program 04/05/2018
DARPA Taps Tortuga Logic to Develop Hardware Security Tools 04/05/2018
DARPA Seeks Participants for Autonomy Tech Development ‘Sprint’ 04/03/2018
Researchers Demo Short-Term Memory Restoration Tech Under DARPA Program 03/29/2018
Raytheon BBN to Develop Drone Swarm Controller Under DARPA-Funded Program 03/27/2018
Magnolia, DARPA Partner to Develop Portable Solar Power Source 03/27/2018
PARC, University of Wisconsin Partner to Develop AI-Based Design Automation Tool for DARPA 03/21/2018
DARPA Taps Charles River Analytics to Develop Security Threat Analytical Tool 03/20/2018
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day on Nonsurgical Human-Machine Comms Program 03/19/2018
DARPA Initiates Effort to Scrutinize Gray-zone of Conflict 03/16/2018
Steven Walker Outlines DARPA’s Investment Priorities 03/16/2018
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Sends Communications Satellite, Secret Payload Into Orbit 03/13/2018
DARPA Seeks $255M in FY 2019 Space Program Funds 03/12/2018
DARPA Plans 5-Year Physical Security Support Contract 03/12/2018
In-Q-Tel EVP Lisa Porter Named Possible Nominee for DoD Research Deputy Undersecretary 03/07/2018
5 Firms Awarded Potential $226M IDIQ to Support DARPA Tactical Tech Office 03/06/2018
In-Q-Tel’s Lisa Porter Nominated as DoD Deputy Undersecretary for Research, Engineering 03/06/2018
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Vencore Labs to Build Tech for Secure Info-Sharing in Tactical Environments 02/07/2018
Vencore to Develop Mobile Information Exchange Security Tech Under DARPA Program 02/06/2018
DARPA Study Aims to Detect Enemy Activity in Strategic Waters 02/06/2018
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day on WMD Exposure Detection Tech Devt Program 02/05/2018
BAE Unit to Demo Seeker System for Munitions Under DARPA Program's 2nd Phase 02/02/2018
DoD Splits Acquisition, Tech & Logistics Office Into 2 Orgs 02/02/2018
DARPA to Use C-130 to Demo ‘Gremlins’ UAS Launch, Retrieval Operations in 2019 02/02/2018
BAE Unit to Demo Munition Seeker Tech Via DARPA SECTR Program’s 2nd Phase 02/01/2018
DARPA to Host Live Event for Spectrum Collaboration Challenge Finale in 2019 01/31/2018
Dr. Steven Walker Receives Wash100 at the Potomac Officers Club’s Defense Research and Development Summit 01/31/2018
Dr. Steven Walker speaks at the Defense R&D Summit with His Slice on What’s Cutting-edge 01/31/2018
DARPA Transfers Unmanned Anti-Submarine Vessel Prototype to Navy 01/31/2018
IvySys to Help DARPA Model Adversarial Activity 01/31/2018
IBM to Deliver Neuromorphic Supercomputer to Air Force Research Lab 01/30/2018
DARPA to Hold OpFires Program Event for Potential Bidders 01/29/2018
DARPA Director Steven Walker Named to 2018 Wash100 for Program Management Leadership 01/29/2018
Galois to Develop Hardware Security Tools, Methods Under DARPA Program 01/25/2018
Orbital ATK-DARPA Project Eyes Combined Engine Cycle Tech for Aircraft Propulsion 01/24/2018
Orbital ATK, DARPA Partner for Combined Cycle Engine Research 01/23/2018
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day on Quantum Coherence Stabilization Program 01/22/2018
DARPA, Consortium Pick 6 University Research Centers for $200M Microelectronics Tech Devt Program 01/19/2018
The Potomac Officers Club Adds Two Panelists to the Defense Research and Development Summit 01/16/2018
DARPA Taps Systems and Technology Research for Undersea Sensor Tech Project 01/12/2018
DARPA Seeks Radio, Network Architectures and Technologies to Address Data Channel Degradation Issues 01/11/2018
BAE Unit Awarded DARPA Program Support Contract 01/11/2018
SSL's Richard White: Future Satellite Manufacturing to Become On-Orbit 01/10/2018
DARPA Taps Raytheon to Produce Software Under Collaborative UAS Autonomy Program’s 3rd Phase 01/09/2018
Peter Highnam Named DARPA Deputy Director 01/09/2018
DARPA Issues Final Solicitation for $850M Technical, Analytical Support IDIQ 01/04/2018
The Potomac Officers Club to Host the Third Defense Research and Development Summit on Jan. 31st 01/04/2018
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DARPA Unveils Challenge to Identify Underground Environment Mapping, Navigation Strategies 12/22/2017
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Radio Tech Devt Program in January 12/20/2017
University of Michigan Gets DARPA Grant to Develop “Unhackable” Computer Tech 12/20/2017
Leidos Secures Navy Contract to Help Build 2nd ‘Sea Hunter’ Autonomous Vessel 12/18/2017
DARPA-Hosted ‘Hackfest’ Explores Software-Based Radio Applications 12/15/2017
SSL Offers Satellite Rideshare Service to NASA Solar Research Mission; Richard White Comments 12/12/2017
SRI International Wins Contract for DARPA Modeling Program Support 12/11/2017
DARPA to Initiate Maritime Situational Awareness Development Program 12/08/2017
DARPA Taps Raytheon BBN to Help Develop Causal Exploration Tech for Military Planners 12/07/2017
Trump to Nominate Michael Griffin as DoD Research & Engineering Head 12/05/2017
Paul Eremenko to Become UTC SVP, CTO in January 12/01/2017
xG Technology to Develop Interference Mitigation Platform for DARPA Program 11/30/2017
DARPA Issues RFI on Subterranean Domain Navigation, Mapping Tech Concepts 11/27/2017
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Richard White, President of SSL Government Systems 11/20/2017
ATI to Head DARPA-Backed Consortium for Satellite Servicing Standards 11/20/2017
BAE to Help DARPA Build Space Tech Evaluation, Analysis Testbed 11/15/2017
DARPA Appoints Steven Walker Full-Time Director 11/09/2017
Northrop to Support DARPA’s Graph Processor Tech Project 11/08/2017
DARPA Seeks to Establish Standards for In-Orbit Robotic Satellite Servicing 11/08/2017
DARPA’s XS-1 Spaceplane Program Aims to Help Address National Security Risk 10/26/2017
Army Activates ‘Kestrel Eye’ Imagery Satellite 10/26/2017
NASA Teams With Other Agencies to Develop In-Space Assembly Tech 10/26/2017
Report: Orbital ATK Develops Medium-Calibre Munition for Bushmaster Chain Guns 10/24/2017
Leidos Gets Recognition for Work Under DARPA’s Unmanned Anti-Submarine Vessel Program 10/23/2017
DARPA Picks 8 Teams for Software Defined Radio Hackfest Event in November 10/17/2017
Northrop, Raytheon BBN Secure DARPA Contracts to Develop ‘Swarm’ Unmanned Systems 10/13/2017
DARPA Seeks to Build Cloud-Based Satellite Data Repository for DoD Analysts 10/12/2017
Vencore Named Title Sponsor of Cyber Electromagnetic Activity Symposium 10/12/2017
Aurora Flight Sciences to Continue X-Plane Devt for NASA 10/11/2017
Vencore to Highlight RF Mapping Platform at Cyber Electromagnetic Activity Forum 10/11/2017
Trump Nominates Synovision’s Bruce Jette as Army Acquisition Chief 10/06/2017
ATI to Help DARPA Craft On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Safety Standards 10/05/2017
Navy Taps GrammaTech to Create New Strategy for Software Protection 10/04/2017
DARPA Tests Cloud-Penetrating Radar Tech on Modified DC-3 Aircraft 10/02/2017
DARPA Seeks Info on Sensing, Neutralization Tech Platforms Against Small Drones 09/26/2017
DARPA Holds Talks to Discuss Biotech Research Programs 09/20/2017
4 Companies Get Contract Modifications to Extend DARPA Tactical Tech Program Support 09/20/2017
Navy Looks to Buy 2nd Leidos-Built Ship Drone as DARPA Hands Over ACTUV Program Control 09/18/2017
Rockwell Collins Showcases Jamming-Resistant Directional Communication Link Tech 09/15/2017
DARPA Seeks Proposals for 6 New Research Programs Under Electronics Resurgence Initiative 09/15/2017
DARPA Selects Orbital ATK for Hybrid Engine Research Project 09/13/2017
John Launchbury Returns to Galois as Chief Scientist 09/12/2017
Executive Spotlight: Rob Zitz, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer at SSL Government Systems 09/12/2017
DARPA Launches Concept for Armed Drones on Fighter Jet Missile Rails 09/08/2017
Leidos, Ensco Collaborate on DARPA Project for VLF-Based PNT Tech 09/07/2017
Ensco-Leidos Team to Support Phases II and III of DARPA PNT Project 09/06/2017
The Potomac Officers Club Continues Building Speaker List for 2017 Electronic Warfare Forum 08/30/2017
POC Electronic Warfare Forum Panelist(s): Giorgio Bertoli, Joseph Bucci, Dr. Vincent Urick: on the Convergence of Cyber Technology and Electronic Warfare 08/30/2017
DARPA Holds Kickoff Meeting for IP Reuse Strategy-Based ‘Chiplets’ Devt Program 08/28/2017
Executive Spotlight: Interview with Mike Cosgrave, SVP of CACI Cyber Development 08/24/2017
Rajneesh Singh: Army, Aurora Flight Sciences Eye Unmanned Aviation Tech R&D Partnership 08/23/2017
DoD Eyes Blockchain Tech to Secure Military Platforms 08/21/2017
DARPA Program Aims to Increase Autonomous System Predictability, Safety 08/17/2017
UL Aims to Help VA, DARPA Secure Internet of Things, Medical Devices 08/17/2017
DARPA Tests Elevated Sensor Mast Aboard Navy Patrol Ship 08/16/2017
DARPA Seeks to Accelerate Scientific Discovery Process Through 'Disruptioneering' Programs 08/14/2017
DARPA Eyes Radio-Frequency Enabled Machine Learning System Under New Program 08/14/2017
Lockheed to Develop System Prototypes for Combined-Arms Squad Under DARPA Program 08/11/2017
DARPA Seeks Automated Methods, Tools to Neutralize Cyberadversary Infrastructure 08/11/2017
Charles River Analytics-Led Team to Help DARPA Build Virtual Data Scientist Assistant 08/11/2017
Report: Kratos to Enter Production Phase of ‘Confidential’ Govt UAV Platform 08/09/2017
DARPA Unveils ‘Mosaic-Like’ Weapons Development Approach to Industry 08/07/2017
PSC’s David Berteau: DoD Should Define Responsibilities for Research & Engineering Undersecretary Post 08/07/2017
DARPA Picks 3 Industry Teams to Develop Counter-Small UAS Approaches 08/04/2017
Lockheed Releases 1st Images From Experimental Optical Instrument 08/04/2017
DoD Unveils AT&L Reorganization Plan as Senate Confirms Ellen Lord Acquisition Chief 08/03/2017
LGS Innovations to Develop Computing Resource Allocation Algorithms Under DARPA Program 08/03/2017
DARPA Taps Voxtel to Develop Autonomous Navigation, Military Imaging Tech 07/28/2017
Rocket Crafters to Build, Test Hybrid Rocket Engine Under DARPA Contract 07/26/2017
Charles River to Extend Probabilistic Modeling Tools Devt Under DARPA Contract Option 07/25/2017
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Autonomous Tech Safety Program 07/20/2017
7 University Teams to Receive DARPA Funds for Gene Editing Tech R&D 07/20/2017
BAE to Design Submerged Vessel Detection Tech Under DARPA Program 07/19/2017
Army Eyes Soldier Injury Prevention, Cognitive Benefits With Exoskeleton Suit 07/17/2017
DARPA Taps 1 Firm, 5 Research Orgs for Neural Engineering System Design Program 07/11/2017
Xerox’s PARC Subsidiary to Develop Interactive Sense-Making Tech for DARPA 07/11/2017
Jeremy Palmer: DARPA Eyes Experimental Small Satellite Mission Launch Aboard India’s Rocket 07/05/2017
Xerox PARC to Collaborate With Siemens, 2 Universities on DARPA’s Design Modeling Tool Devt Program 06/30/2017
Space Systems Loral to Conduct On-Orbit Refuelling Service for SES Satellite 06/29/2017
DARPA Test-Flies Autonomous Small Quadcopters 06/29/2017
Air Force Research Lab, IBM Partner to Develop Neurosynaptic Supercomputer 06/26/2017
DARPA to Host Event on National Security Challenges, Technologies 06/26/2017
NIST, University Partner to Demo Atmospheric Gas Mapping, Scanning Tech 06/26/2017
DARPA Eyes Digital Tech for Coastal Urban Operations; John Paschkewitz Comments 06/16/2017
Boeing, DARPA to Hold XS-1 Spaceplane Flight Tests, Launch Operations at Cape Canaveral 06/16/2017
DARPA Calls for WMD Detection Ideas 06/16/2017
Report: DARPA, Boeing to Test, Launch Reusable Spaceplane at Cape Canaveral 06/15/2017
Steven Walker Outlines DARPA's Cybersecurity Research Goals 06/15/2017
Charles River Analytics-Led Team Gets DARPA Contract to Support Artificial Intelligence Program 06/13/2017
SSL’s Rob Zitz: MDA Aims to Ramp Up Earth Imagery, Analysis Support to Intell Agencies Via DigitalGlobe Merger 06/09/2017
Lockheed Martin Breaks Silence on Hypersonic SR-72, Blackbird’s Successor Aircraft 06/09/2017
Intel, Northrop Among 5 DARPA Partners Selected for Graph Analytics R&D Effort 06/06/2017
DARPA Taps BAE to Develop Multifunctional RF Payload for Drones 06/06/2017
DARPA’s Electronics Tech Devt Project Gets $75M Under FY 2018 DoD Budget Request 06/05/2017
Report: Trump Picks Finance Industry Vet Richard Spencer as Navy Secretary 06/05/2017
DARPA Eyes Cyber Hunting Tools for Enterprise Networks 06/05/2017
The Potomac Officers Club Finalizes Speakers for the Unmanned Systems Forum 06/05/2017
DARPA Taps 5 Institutions to Develop ‘Graph Analytics Processors’ for Big Data Workloads 06/05/2017
DARPA-Backed Researchers Aim to Help Robots Imbibe Human Norms Via Machine Learning Algorithm 06/02/2017
The Potomac Officers Club Adds Panelist Jean-Charles Ledé to the Unmanned Systems Forum 05/31/2017
Boeing Advances to Fabrication, Flight Test Phases of DARPA Experimental Spaceplane Program 05/26/2017
Aerojet Rocketdyne to Build Main Propulsion System for DARPA-Boeing Spaceplane Project 05/26/2017
ITAMCO to Create Messaging & Transaction App for US Military Under DARPA Grant 05/26/2017
DARPA, Boeing Partner to Develop Reusable Hypersonic Aircraft for Satellite Launches 05/25/2017
DARPA Develops Military System Performance Prediction Tools 05/18/2017
Aerojet Rocketdyne Conducts Hot Fire Tests on 3D-Printed Engine 05/17/2017
UL LLC Receives DARPA Grant for IoT/Cybersecurity Risk Testing 05/15/2017
UL Receives DARPA Grant to Test Internet-of-Things Gateway Security 05/11/2017
AeroVironment Intros Nano Quadrotor UAS for Close-Range ISR Applications 05/10/2017
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day for Mobile Warfighter Health Analytics Program 05/09/2017
Air Force Picks Ball Aerospace to Design, Develop Software Testbed Architecture 05/08/2017
DoD Officials Cite Threats Against US Military Operational Dominance at Senate Subcommittee Hearing 05/04/2017
Altamira Female Execs Participate in The Women’s Center Leadership Conference; Ted Davies Comments 05/02/2017
Guardtime to Integrate Cyber Elements into Lockheed Martin’s Software Devt, Systems Engineering Efforts 04/28/2017
DARPA to Fund 8 University Research Efforts Under Neuroplasticity Learning Program 04/27/2017
DARPA Taps Rockwell Collins to Help Secure Military Platforms with Math-Based Methods 04/25/2017
DARPA Challenge Seeks to Test Offensive, Defensive Drone Swarm Tactics 04/25/2017
President Trump to Nominate ViraCyte’s Brett Giroir as HHS Assistant Secretary for Health 04/25/2017
DARPA’s RF Channel Emulator to Support Collaborative Machine-Learning Competition 04/24/2017
Leidos Receives Gold Edison Award for DARPA Unmanned Vessel Devt Project Support 04/24/2017
Johns Hopkins APL, Facebook’s Building 8 Partner to Develop ‘Silent Speech’ Tech 04/20/2017
Vencore Labs Secures DARPA Contract for Dispersed Computing R&D 04/19/2017
BAE’s US Arm Lands DARPA Dispersed Computing Research Contract 04/19/2017
Vencore Labs Gets DARPA Contract to Support Dispersed Computing Research Program 04/18/2017
DARPA, Industry Partners Test Chemical Warfare Agent Neutralization System 04/17/2017
SSL, DARPA Finalize Agreement to Develop On-Orbit Spacecraft Servicing Tech 04/13/2017
DARPA Selects Raytheon BBN for Dispersed Computing Research Project 04/12/2017
DARPA Calls for New Military Tech Concepts 04/12/2017
DARPA to Brief Proposers on Hardware Security Program 04/11/2017
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day on Social System Simulation Devt Program 04/11/2017
DARPA Wants Semantic Tech to Interpret Multimedia Data 04/10/2017
DARPA Solicits Molecular Informatics Research Proposals 04/05/2017
DARPA Test-Flies Aurora Flight Sciences’ VTOL X-Plane Prototype 04/05/2017
DARPA Eyes New Concept for Undersea Payload Delivery Using Extra Large UUVs 03/28/2017
Vencore Labs Secures DARPA Contracts for R&D on DDoS 03/27/2017
Vencore Labs Secures DARPA Contracts for DDoS Defense Research 03/24/2017
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Molecular Informatics Program 03/23/2017
NASA’s Raven System With SSL-Built Gimbal Mechanism Arrives at ISS; Rich White Comments 03/01/2017
Ensco Names Standards Development Vet to Board of Directors 02/28/2017
Report: Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane to Conduct Exercise in Orbit 02/15/2017
DARPA, Space Systems Loral Reach Draft Partnership Agreement on On-Orbit Robotic Servicer R&D 02/10/2017
DARPA Seeks Research Proposals for Online Social Behavior Simulation 02/08/2017
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day for Electromagnetic Biosignaling Identification Program 02/08/2017
Aurora Flight Sciences Tests UAS Capture System Prototype Under DARPA Program 02/07/2017
DARPA Seeks to Address Viral Disease Outbreaks Via Nucleic Acid-Based Platform Devt Program 02/07/2017
OmniEarth to Develop Soil Moisture Mapping Tech Under DARPA Contract 02/06/2017
FDA OKs Abbott Zika Virus Detection Molecular Test that Involves Whole Blood Usage 02/03/2017
Lt. Col. Dave Sousa: Marines Look at Lasers, Kinetic Tech Platforms Against Armed Drones 02/02/2017
Former DHS Science & Tech Lead Reginald Brothers Named Chertoff Group Principal 01/31/2017
DARPA Picks 30 Contenders for EM Spectrum Collaboration Competition Phase 1 01/31/2017
House Lawmakers Ask DARPA to Review Robotic Satellite Repair Program 01/26/2017
Marine Corps Opens Rapid Capabilities Office in Virginia 01/26/2017
Galois Seeks Submissions to DARPA-Sponsored Software Reverse Engineering Prevention Challenges 01/25/2017
DARPA Taps Flex Logix to Deliver Embedded Field-Programmable Gate Array Tech for Integrated Circuit Design 01/23/2017
CTC Launches Technical Advisory Board; Ed Sheehan Comments 01/20/2017
Ash Carter Discusses DoD Changes in Farewell Address 01/19/2017
Vencore’s Research Arm to Help Advance Airborne Comms for DARPA 01/17/2017
DARPA Taps Vencore Research Arm for Airborne Comms Optimization Project; Petros Mouchtaris Comments 01/13/2017
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Secure Info Exchange Via Handheld Device Program 01/11/2017
DARPA Enters New Phase in Tactical Undersea Network Architecture Program 01/06/2017
HPE Develops Demonstration Chip for Accelerated Optical Computation Process 01/06/2017
DARPA Develops Search Technologies to Locate Online Perpetrators of Human Trafficking Crimes 01/05/2017
HPE Unveils Demonstration Chip Designed to Bolster Optical Computation Process Speeds 01/05/2017
Air Force Taps Sotera for Predictive Analysis Software Prototyping Contract 01/04/2017
DARPA Launches Project to Help Identify Potential Terrorists Through Social Media 01/03/2017
Lockheed’s Sikorsky to Demonstrate Autonomous Copilot System Under DARPA’s ALIAS Program 12/27/2016
DARPA Delivers 2 Mobius Bionics-Built Prosthetic Arms to Walter Reed; Justin Sanchez Comments 12/23/2016
Sigma Labs to Support Phase III of DARPA Additive Manufacturing Framework Program 12/23/2016
Johns Hopkins University, APL to Join Facebook-Funded Tech Development Research Agreement 12/22/2016
DARPA Seeks Proposals for Radio Transmitter Devt Program; Troy Olsson Comments 12/21/2016
Vencore to Demo Wireless Network Security Tech Under DARPA Contract 12/20/2016
Navy Plans Anti-Ship Missile Tests Via B-1B Bomber, F-18 Fighter Jets 12/19/2016
LiquidPiston Secures DARPA Funds for Rotary Engine Tech Development 12/14/2016
DARPA Begins Phase I of Data Link Restoration Platform Devt Program 12/12/2016
Cedric Leighton: DoD Works to Address Advanced Persistent Threats 12/12/2016
Arati Prabhakar: DARPA Continues to Innovate Through Sustained DoD Support 12/09/2016
DARPA, Australian National University Discuss Night-Vision Tech Devt Project 12/08/2016
DARPA Program Aims to Help Urban Troops Manage Unmanned System Swarms 12/08/2016
Raytheon to Support DARPA’s Power Grid Cybersecurity Tech R&D Program 12/06/2016
Raytheon, DARPA Partner to Build Power Grid Cybersecurity Tech; Jason Redi Comments 12/05/2016
Boeing’s Matthew Jones, Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Susan Nelson Join CompTIA Space Enterprise Council 12/02/2016
DARPA Seeks Game-Based Science, Tech Collaboration Platform; John Main Comments 12/01/2016
DARPA to Establish Industry & Govt Consortium for On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Standards 11/30/2016
Northrop Grumman Marks Milestones Under DARPA-Navy Tern Program 11/30/2016
Leidos Starts Unmanned Surface Vessel Operational Test Under DARPA Program 11/30/2016
Northrop Passes Two Milestones for Joint DARPA-ONR 'Tern' UAS Program 11/29/2016
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day for Human-Machine System Design Program 11/29/2016
Report: DoD Eyes $3B Investment for Underwater Drone Development 11/28/2016
MARCO Continues Support for DARPA's Multi-University Research Center Network Devt Program 11/28/2016
DARPA Continues Work on 100 Gigabit-Per-Second Wireless Communications Systems Development 11/28/2016
Arati Prabhakar: DARPA Aims to Leverage Space Domain Through Experimental Spaceplane Program, Robotics 11/23/2016
Profile: Fred Kennedy, Senior Policy Adviser at White House Office of Science & Technology Policy 11/22/2016
IARPA’s Kerry Long Talks Humans’ Capability to Change Cyber Domain 11/21/2016
Northrop Grumman Team Secures DARPA Funds for 2nd Tern Test Vehicle 11/21/2016
DARPA, Navy Set 2018 Tests for Northrop’s Tern Unmanned Air System Prototype 11/18/2016
DARPA, Leidos to Extend Anti-Submarine Unmanned Vessel Test 11/11/2016
DARPA Conducts Field Test of Mobile Radiation Sensors 11/11/2016
Aurora Flight Sciences, Sikorsky Develop Robotic Copilot Systems Under DARPA Program 11/11/2016
DARPA Taps Northrop for RF Signal Processing Tech Development Contract 11/09/2016
DCS-Millenium JV Nabs Task Orders to Support Army Night Vision Work 11/08/2016
Frank Kendall: Tech Platforms, Operational Concepts Make Up DoD’s Third Offset Strategy 11/08/2016
BAE Secures DARPA Cognitive Electronic Warfare Tech Project Contract Modification 11/07/2016
BAE Extends Support for DARPA's Cognitive Electronic Warfare Tech Project 11/03/2016
DARPA Picks National Instruments' Software-Based Radios for Channel Emulation Testbed 11/02/2016
DARPA Picks Raytheon for $175M Hypersonic Air-Breathing Weapon Phase II Research Contract 11/01/2016
DARPA Tests Unmanned Vessel, Sensor Mast Prototype Via Joint Maritime Demonstration 11/01/2016
Johns Hopkins APL Names New Mission Area Exec for Research & Exploratory Dev't 10/28/2016
Andrew Merkle to Lead Research & Exploratory Devt Mission Area at Johns Hopkins APL 10/27/2016
DARPA-Funded Research Team Seeks to Help Amputees Perceive Levels of Touch Pressure Via Electrical Stimulation 10/27/2016
Army Engineers Visit DPI UAV Systems & Piasecki Aircraft Corp; Eye Small Business Partnerships 10/27/2016
Marine Corps Starts Development of UAS Support Platform to Back Navy & Army Fleets 10/26/2016
Steven Walker: DARPA Develops Programs for Real-Time Space Situational Awareness 10/25/2016
DARPA Unmanned Vessel Flies TALONS Payload in Demonstration; Scott Littlefield Comments 10/25/2016
Maj. Gen. Nina Armagno: Air Force Surveillance Telescope to Aid Space Domain Accountability 10/24/2016
DARPA Hands Over Space Surveillance Telescope to Air Force; Lindsay Millard Comments 10/21/2016
DARPA Program Eyes Alternative Agricultural Threat Response System Using Gene Therapy 10/20/2016
Air Force to Assume Ownership of Space Surveillance Telescope from DARPA 10/18/2016
Aethlon Medical Completes Milestones Under DARPA Therapeutics Contract; Jim Joyce Comments 10/17/2016
DARPA-Backed Research Team Demos Brain-Machine Interface System 10/17/2016
Maj. Dan Riley: New Air Force Test Group to Focus on Autonomous Flight Systems 10/17/2016
Raytheon BBN Designs Situational Awareness Interface for DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Tech Program 10/11/2016
DARPA Unveils Initiative for Companies With Limited DoD Contracting Experience 10/06/2016
Ashton Carter, Defense Innovation Board Members Discuss Interim Recommendations for DoD 10/06/2016
DARPA, Air Force Tap PAR Technology Subsidiary for Media Forensics R&D Contract 10/05/2016
Saab to Study Shoulder-Fired Weapon Precision Techniques for DARPA; Gorgen Johansson Comments 10/04/2016
General Atomics Develops UAS Mid-Air Recovery Mechanism; Chris Pehrson Comments 09/28/2016
BAE Builds Electronic Warfare Tool Under DARPA Contract; Joshua Niedzwiecki Comments 09/27/2016
General Atomics Unveils Mechanical Arm for DARPA Gremlins UAS Program; Chris Pehrson Comments 09/27/2016
Lockheed Awards Subcontract to Vencore Labs for DARPA RF Mapping Program Support 09/23/2016
Vencore's Research Arm to Help Lockheed Develop Radio-Frequency Mapping Software for DARPA 09/22/2016
BAE Launches Reconfigurable Chip for Adaptive Radio Systems 09/22/2016
Stratcom’s Kenneth Callicutt, General Atomics’ Chris Pehrson Eye Drone Deployment in Contested Environments 09/21/2016
Lockheed Lands $147M DARPA Research Contract for Tactical Boost Glide Program 09/20/2016
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Reconfigurable Imaging Sensor Devt Program; Jay Lewis Comments 09/19/2016
Galois-Guardtime Federal Team to Validate Integrity Monitoring System for DARPA 09/16/2016
Vencore Secures R&D Contracts for DARPA Power Grid Cybersecurity Program 09/15/2016
Draper to Build Implantable Device for Prosthetic Limb Users Under DARPA-Funded Program 09/15/2016
MIT Lands DARPA Contract Option for Engineering Biology Program’s 1K Molecules Component 09/14/2016
Vencore Labs Secures 2 Contracts Under DARPA Power Grid Cyber Detection Program 09/14/2016
DARPA Seeks Research Proposals for Small UAS Urban Surveillance Program; Jeff Krolik Comments 09/14/2016
DARPA Partners With 4 Firms to Develop Battery-Powered Atomic Clocks 09/14/2016
DARPA Seeks Info on Simulation Platform Development to Validate Social Science Research Methods 09/12/2016
Vice Adm. Thomas Moore Inspects DARPA-Built Fabrication Facility at SERMC 09/12/2016
NASA Taps Vector Space Systems to Build Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Prototype 09/09/2016
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Gene-Editing Program; Renee Wegrzyn Comments 09/08/2016
Vencore Labs Continues 'Applied' Research Focus One Year Post-Launch; President Petros Mouchtaris on R&D Collaborations 09/07/2016
DARPA Aids University of Colorado, Boulder Discovery of Ultrathin Material Synthesis Approach 09/01/2016
QinetiQ Gets $2.7M in DARPA Funds for Electric Hub-Drive Tech; David Moore Comments 08/31/2016
UCSD Researchers Develop 'Hair-Thin' System for Interference-Resistant Communications 08/31/2016
DARPA Demos Radiation Detection Tools Network Under SIGMA Program; Vincent Tang Comments 08/24/2016
DARPA Seeks On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Through New Consortium; Brad Tousley Comments 08/23/2016
DARPA to Brief Proposers on Microelectronic Tech Programs 08/22/2016
DARPA Requests Info on Counter-UAS Platforms for Mobile Force Protection 08/18/2016
Inovio Kicks Off 2nd Stage of Phase 1 Human Trials of Ebola DNA Vaccine; J. Joseph Kim Comments 08/16/2016
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day for 'EXTREME' Optics and Imaging Program 08/16/2016
OSTP: Agencies Launched 47 Prize Competitions in FY 2015 Under America COMPETES Reauthorization Act 08/15/2016
DARPA Seeks Tech Ideas to Protect US Forces Against Small Airborne Threats 08/12/2016
DARPA, Lockheed Partner for Optical Systems Research Project 08/10/2016
DARPA Eyes Autonomous Bots to Fix Software Security Issues 08/08/2016
DARPA Seeks Proposals for Biological Building Materials Development Program 08/08/2016
DARPA Names Cyber Grand Challenge Winners 08/05/2016
DARPA, MIT Develop Biopharmaceutical Production System in Warzones; Tyler McQuade Comments 08/05/2016
DARPA Taps Georgia Tech-Northrop Team for Internet of Things Security Project 08/04/2016
Harris to Support First Phase of DARPA R&D Program 08/04/2016
Harris Lands DARPA R&D Program Support Contract 08/03/2016
Summit2Sea to Help Update DARPA's Financial Mgmt Tools; Bryan Eckle Comments 08/02/2016
DARPA Competition Aims to Help Automate Computer Security 08/02/2016
SRI Gets Air Force Software Devt Contract Under DARPA’s Power Grid Cyber Attack Detection Program 08/01/2016
Leidos Autonomous Vessel Undergoes Trials for DARPA-ONR Program 07/26/2016
DARPA Taps Raytheon to Build Interoperable Network Tools for UAVs, Manned Aircraft; Jason Redi Comments 07/25/2016
Leidos Demos Unmanned Anti-Sub Vessel for DARPA Program 07/25/2016
PFP Cybersecurity to Study Cyber Threat Detection in Analog Domain for IoT-Connected Tech 07/25/2016
Space Systems Loral to Build Robotic Arm for DARPA Satellite Servicing Program; Al Tadros Comments 07/22/2016
DARPA-Funded University of Washington Research Team Develops Protein Design Method 07/22/2016
DHS, DARPA to Support Mobile Security Tool Devt Based on Continuous Authentication; Vincent Sritapan Comments 07/21/2016
DoD, DARPA Eye Autonomous AI Tech in Support of Third Offset Strategy 07/20/2016
DARPA Seeks Participants for Spectrum Collaboration Challenge; Paul Tilghman Comments 07/20/2016
DARPA Seeks Input on Architectural Strategy for Chiplet-Based Microsystems Devt; Daniel Green Comments 07/20/2016
Galois to Help DARPA Detect Advanced Persistent Threats; David Archer Comments 07/19/2016
Profusa Receives DARPA, Army Grant Funds For Implantable Biosensor Development 07/14/2016
DARPA to Hold Cyber Grand Challenge in August; Mike Walker Comments 07/14/2016
PARC Receives DARPA Funds to Develop Autonomous 'Vanishing' Air Delivery Tech 07/12/2016
Northrop Gets DARPA Contract Modification for Counterfeit IC Detection Microchip 07/11/2016
Stanford University Researchers Help DARPA Create Mathematical Framework for Network Pattern Discovery 07/11/2016
Ceres Nanosciences Gets Funds From DARPA to Test Methods for Immune Function Markers Detection 07/08/2016
DARPA Taps CPI to Develop New Vacuum Electron Device 07/06/2016
DARPA Completes Integration of Live Data Feeds Into Space Surveillance Network; Jeremy Raley Comments 06/30/2016
Space News: DARPA Plans Software Development Contracts for Space Operations Program 06/29/2016
DARPA Taps Industry for Battlefield Network Protocols, Algorithms 06/28/2016
White House Eyes Software Product Security Ratings System 06/27/2016
New DARPA Propulsion System Effort Seeks Reusable Hypersonic Flight; Christopher Clay Comments 06/27/2016
DARPA, Lockheed Demo Cognitive Electronic Warfare System 06/23/2016
DARPA to Host Workshop on Synthetic Polymer-Based Medicine R&D Program 06/22/2016
DARPA Launches Program to Help Data Science Through Automated Empirical Modeling 06/21/2016
Charles River Analytics to Support DARPA's Battlespace Decision Aiding Program With Raytheon, STR Partnerships 06/21/2016
Northrop Gets OTA Modification for DARPA Reconnaissance UAS Demonstrator Devt 06/20/2016
DARPA Solicits Research Proposals for Space Command & Control Software Testbed Program 06/20/2016
PARC, DZYNE Technologies Land Contracts Under DARPA’s Vanishing Air Delivery R&D Program 06/17/2016
DARPA Seeks Research Proposals for Miniaturized Magnetic Component Devt Program 06/17/2016
DARPA Eyes ‘Very Low Frequency’ Signals For PNT Systems as GPS Backup 06/16/2016
DARPA to Host Proposers Day on Prognostic Biomarker Identification Program; Matt Hepburn Comments 06/14/2016
Airbus Names Paul Eremenko CTO, Andy Anderson Corporate Tech Office COO 06/10/2016
Weekly Roundup June 6 - June 10 2016: TSA Enlists Industry to Move Airport Lines & more 06/10/2016
DARPA Picks 8 Firms to Support Phase 2 of UAS Collaborative Autonomy R&D Project 06/06/2016
Sikorsky Completes Phase 1, Begins Phase 2 of DARPA Aircraft Automation Program 06/01/2016
DARPA Issues RFI on Mathematical Frameworks to Study Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning 05/27/2016
Georgia Tech Wins Air Force Contract to Develop Analog Sensing Platforms for Digital Devices 05/26/2016
Galois Receives Contract Under DARPA Program to Develop System Security Strategy 05/26/2016
DARPA Taps DRS Technologies to Update Focal Plane Arrays on Infrared Sensors 05/24/2016
Army CERDEC, Partners Integrate Positioning, Navigation, Timing Tech 05/23/2016
Erin Andre Named SRI Chief People Officer, Greg Kovacs to Serve as Biosciences Division President 05/23/2016
DARPA Defense Sciences Office to Hold Proposers Day on June 22-23 05/19/2016
BAE Systems to Develop Undersea Navigation, Positioning System for Navy 05/17/2016
Air Force Taps Vencore for Cyber Sensing Tech R&D Services 05/16/2016
Gary Wang: Data & Analytics Can Apply to Army Purchasing Strategies 05/13/2016
Frank Pound: DARPA Plan X Program Seeks to Provide ‘Unified’ Cyber Space Framework for Military Operators 05/13/2016
Praxis Engineering Lands AF Contract to Provide Analog Sensing Model for Cybersecurity Program 05/13/2016
Arati Prabhakar Describes Microphysiological Systems, CommEX Programs at DARPA Demo Day 05/13/2016
DARPA Demonstrates Nerve-Controlled Prosthetic Arm 05/13/2016
Arati Prabhakar: DARPA Holds Demo Day for Partners to Share Science, Tech Initiatives 05/12/2016
LGS Innovations to Build Optical Intersatellite Comm Terminals for DARPA; Kevin Kelly Comments 05/11/2016
Former Bigelow Aerospace Exec Michael Gold Joins SSL as VP of DC Operations 05/10/2016
Vincent Tang: DARPA Seeks Proposals for Scientific Simulation, Complex Design Program 05/09/2016
Nextgov: DARPA Program Aims to Characterize Cyber Criminals, Forecast Attacks 05/06/2016
Northrop, RFID Global to Present Counterfeit Electronic Part Detection Tools at DARPA Demo Day 05/05/2016
FedScoop: DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar Discusses AI Advancement, Limitations 05/04/2016
Raytheon BBN-Led Team Seeks to Extend Mobile Apps’ Viability Under Air Force Contract; Partha Pal Comments 05/02/2016
Steve Walker: Chicago Museum to Exhibit DARPA Tech Projects 04/29/2016
Charles River Analytics Secures DARPA Contract for Adaptable Software Systems 04/28/2016
DARPA Names 8 Organizations for R&D on Ground X-Vehicle Technology 04/28/2016
DARPA Picks 8 for Armored, Agile Ground Vehicle Research; Christopher Orlowski Comments 04/27/2016
DARPA Seeks Proposals for Future Secure Messaging Platform 04/25/2016
DARPA Launches New Mathematics, Algorithms Research Program for Fabrication Methods 04/25/2016
SRI International Launches Wearable Robotics Venture 04/22/2016
Frank Kendall: Future of Military Innovation Depends on DoD Budget 04/21/2016
Charles River Analytics Unveils Crowd-Sourced Software Verification Framework 04/19/2016
DARPA Introduces Miniaturized Electronic Components for Wireless Communications 04/18/2016
Northrop Eyes Commercial Market as Alternative for Experimental Spaceplane 04/18/2016
Vencore Lands DARPA Contract for DDoS Defense Research 04/15/2016
DARPA Selects Vencore for DDoS Defense Program Research 04/14/2016
Former DARPA & Google Exec Regina Dugan to Lead New Facebook Group 04/14/2016
DARPA Unveils Unmanned Spaceplane Program's 2nd Phase 04/11/2016
Northrop Taps Moog to Build Flight Control System for DARPA/ONR UAS Program 04/07/2016
DARPA Demos Aircraft Mid-Air Collision Avoidance System; Dan Patt Comments 04/07/2016
Case Western Reserve University to Help DARPA Study Sensory, Motor Functions 04/04/2016
DARPA Awards Gremlins Program Phase 1 Contracts to 4 Companies; Dan Patt Comments 04/01/2016
Tom Bussing: Raytheon Eyes 3D Printing to Increase Weapon Sizes 03/31/2016
Livermore Lab to Use IBM Neuromorphic Tech for Collaborative Supercomputing Initiative 03/30/2016
DARPA Eyes Public-Private Partnership for Robotic Space Servicing Program 03/29/2016
DARPA Selects Schafer for Biological Technologies Office Support Contract 03/29/2016
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day for Military Tech Systems Ideas; Brad Tousley Comments 03/24/2016
DARPA Launches Competition on Machine-Learning Platforms for EM Spectrum Collaboration 03/24/2016
DARPA to Hold Proposers, Information Days on Tech Dev't Program for Dismounted Squads 03/17/2016
DARPA to Seek Industry Participants for Neuroplasticity Learning Research Program 03/17/2016
DARPA Calls for Improvised Threat R&D Proposals; John Main Comments 03/15/2016
Northrop to Help DARPA Build Miniature Navigation Sensor Tech 03/15/2016
DARPA, University of Delaware Partner for Small Composite Parts Manufacturing R&D 03/14/2016
System High Corp. Lands $21M Option for DARPA Security, Intell Support Program 03/14/2016
NRL-Led Team of Scientists Wins DoD Innovation Challenge 03/14/2016
PARC Lands DARPA Contract to Develop Printer for Macroscopic Objects 03/10/2016
Lockheed, DARPA Experiment With New Microchip Cooling System; John Ditri Comments 03/09/2016
DARPA Launches New Social Science Program; Adam Russell Comments 03/07/2016
DARPA Awards Aurora Flight Sciences $89M Contract to Continue VTOL X-Plane Development 03/04/2016
DARPA’s Arati Prabhakar: US Can Maintain Military Edge Through Continuous R&D Investments 02/26/2016
DARPA, SRI International Partner for Data Privacy, Sharing Tech Integration Project 02/26/2016
DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar Named to 2016 Wash 100 for Tech R&D Investment and Strategy Leadership 02/25/2016
Galois-Led TAMBA Project to Test DARPA Data Privacy Program Brandeis 02/25/2016
LGS, DARPA Build Laser Tech With Waveform Agility; Stephan Wielandy Comments 02/24/2016
Raytheon, Lockheed Land DARPA MAD-FIRES Contract Modifications 02/23/2016
DARPA Test-Flies Autonomous Quadcopter Platform 02/16/2016
Boeing's Allen Adler, Corning's Waguih Ishak Join NIST's Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology 02/03/2016
DARPA Seeks Input on Anti-Submarine Bistatic Sonar System 01/26/2016
Sotera to Provide R&D Support for DARPA Counter-Insurgency Project 01/26/2016
Sotera Lands DARPA Counter-Insurgency Research Contract 01/25/2016
DARPA to Hold Proposers Days on Implantable Neural Interface Program; Phillip Alvelda Comments 01/20/2016
GrammaTech to Develop DARPA Software Assurance Assessment Tools; Eric Schulte Comments 01/20/2016
Vencore to Research DARPA Program Obfuscation Methods; Steve Omick Comments 01/19/2016
DARPA to Hold Proposers Day for Photon Detection Program 01/19/2016
DHS, root9B Partner for Critical Infrastructure Security Posture R&D 01/13/2016
DARPA to Host Proposers Day for Atomic Clock Development Program; Robert Lutwak Comments 01/12/2016
DARPA-GlobalFoundries Team Aims to Address Military EM Spectrum Interference With Semiconductor Chip 01/12/2016